Monday Tipsheet: Google/Amazon Same-Day in LA | Snobby Staff | P.Rico Has the Most


“Google and Amazon launch same-day delivery in L.A. area” by Tiffany Hsu at LA Times (Survey to Open).  “Google is using third-party delivery agents trained through an in-person program the company calls “Courier University” that teaches agents how to greet customers at the door and how to use the mobile shopping app. The couriers will wear Google Shopping Express uniforms and, for the most part, drive Google-branded vehicles.”  Read more 


“In battle with Amazon, traditional retailers innovate, turn to Iterate” by Andy Vuong at Iterate.  “Iterate Studio, the brainchild of Denver serial entrepreneur Jon Nordmark, aims to level the playing field. The recently launched startup connects retailers with an army of tech firms that develop and test new features and services, such as website behavioral tracking.  About 20 retailers, including Yankee Candle and Sur La Table, have already signed up.”  Read more


“Puerto Rico Has the Most Walmart and Walgreen Stores Per Square Mile” at Latin American Herald Tribune. “The U.S. commonwealth has 118 Walgreens stores and 56 Walmart establishments, including Sam’s Club warehouses and the Amigo supermarket chain, which the Bentonville, Arkansas-based multinational acquired a decade ago.”  Read more


“America’s 10 Most Popular Stores (Target #6, Walmart #1)” by Thomas C. Frohlich at Huff Po via 24/7 Wall Street.  “According to data provided by Placed, a consumer habits data service provider that monitors behavior of more than 150,000 American consumers at 150 million locations daily, the most popular brands are primarily in the fast-food, discount retail and pharmacy segments.”  Read more


“Order From This Fast Growing Retailer and Your Package Will Take 2-3 Weeks to Arrive” by Serena Ng at WSJ. “The mom-focused discount site Zulily Inc. has been taking an average of two to three weeks to get merchandise to customers…The slow shipping times are the result of a bare-bones distribution system that is enabling four-year-old Zulily to turn a profit in an industry where some of its peers have struggled. But the lag has been a source of customer frustration and complaints.”  Read more


“Home Depot Disputes ‘Code Crackers’ Recommendations” at KTIC Radio.  “Catherine Woodling, a spokeswoman for Home Depot said the information in James’ blog about the do-it-yourself store is not accurate. She said that if you’re looking for the best buy in the store, customers should look for the “New Low Price” tags, which remain at that price for 90 days.”  Read more


“Study: Snobby Staff May Make Average Shopper Buy To Feel Accepted” at CBS New York.  “As 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported, the study soon to be released in the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that around a snooty worker, the very uncomfortable average shopper will tend to buy something so that they feel like they fit in.”  Read more


“Hardware stores create their own Angie’s List” by John Ewoldt at Star-Tribune.  “Consumers can endorse a business on, but it’s not clear how it will be monitored,” he said. “Do we know if the ballot box is being stuffed?”  The lack of negative reviews also concerns Krughoff. Consumers need a ratio between positive and negative reviews. “If people can endorse a business but not criticize it, that’s not a fair picture,” he said.  Ehrlichman says that isn’t in the business of recommendations. “We let the neighbors do it,” he said.”  Read more


“Dove Study:  80% of women feel anxious about the way they look and only 4% would describe themselves as beautiful”  “Girls replicate their mothers’ behaviors about beauty, confidence and self-esteem. A striking 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful.”  Read the release


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