Tipsheet: NYC Cargo Bike Deliv | SNAP -750K | Gum -23%


Trump administration to introduce plan cutting food stamps for 750,000 people at The Hill. “The work or vocational training requirement applies to recipients who are “able-bodied” or those who are not caring for a child under six years old. Under the current guidelines, states can receive a waver for work requirements for those receiving benefits from SNAP, if its unemployment rate is at least 20 percent above the national rate, according to Bloomberg.” Tiered subs.


Amazon doubles truck fleet to 20,000 by Nat Levy at GeekWire. Read more


Retail Created the Armchair Shopper and Now It Wishes It Hadn’t at Bloomberg. “Retailers trained us to order holiday gifts from the comfort of our couches by dangling free home delivery. Now they’re trying to convince us to get out of our pajamas and drive to the store after all. It’s not an easy sell.” Tiered subs.


Walmart tops Amazon as most-downloaded US shopping app on Black Friday at TechCrunch. “Sensor Tower (said) Walmart was the most-installed shopping app on the U.S. App Store on Black Friday, with 113,000 new downloads…Amazon’s app was a close second, with 102,000 first-time installs.” Top 10/Read more


Inside Canada Goose’s new inventory-free store at Financial Post. “It’s by no means an inexpensive experiment but I believe it’ll be a very worthwhile one,” Canada Goose chief executive Dani Reiss said on Monday. “We’re not going to learn if we don’t experiment.” Read more


Amazon Is Still the DSP of Choice Among Marketers While Google Loses Ground by Lisa Lacy at Adweek. “Nearly half—46%—of the advertising professionals interviewed said they have used Amazon Advertising in the past 12 months…The Trade Desk was the second-most popular DSP overall with 38%, followed by Google with 33%. MediaMath (31%), Adobe Advertising Cloud (25%) and AppNexus (24%) rounded out the top five.” Tiered subs.


Postmates cuts dozens of jobs and shuts Mexico City office after investors turn on cash-burning businesses at CNBC. Read more


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Gum That Promises to Help You Sleep and Make You Skinny at Wall Street Journal. “Gum sales dropped 4% globally by volume between 2010 and 2018, according to Euromonitor, and 23% in the U.S. “Chewing gum is becoming less socially acceptable,” said Dirk Van de Put, chief executive of Mondelez International Inc., owner of Trident and Dentyne, in a recent interview.” WSJ subs.


Yankees teaming up with Amazon to stream games by Josh Kosman at NY Post. Read more


NYC to Announce Cargo Bike Delivery Pilot with Amazon and Others by Dave Colon at NY Times. “It will be the first time the city, long home to bike messengers, has specifically promoted cargo bikes as an alternative to delivery trucks. As many as 100 pedal-assisted cargo bikes operated by Amazon, UPS and DHL will be allowed to park in hundreds of existing commercial loading areas that are typically reserved for trucks and vans. Unlike those vehicles, the bikes will not have to pay meters.” Tiered subs.


Baby Yoda toys won’t be available in time for Christmas at GeekWire. Read more


The death of Sidney, Nebraska: How a hedge fund destroyed ‘a good American town’ at Fox News. “O’Connell and many other residents are still suffering from the loss of sporting goods retailer Cabela’s, which kept its headquarters in Sidney until it merged with Bass Pro Shops in 2017…Before the merger, O’Connell’s lumberyard did great business. But over the past two years, just one new home has been built in Sidney, he said.” Read more


Starbucks COO Rosalind Brewer on race and leadership by Jonathan Capehart at Washington Post. “If I have gone from the gym, and then I wanna walk into a high-end department store … and the store will be right here, and the gym way over here,” said Brewer. “I’ll go home and change clothes and come back, because I know I’m not gonna get the service I need.” Podcast/Tiered subs.


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