Tipsheet: Woman Finds Vials of Blood In Target Order | Amazon’s Treasure Truck Trouble | Carhartt Opens Flagship


Companies are on the hook for contractors’ labor policies, NLRB says by Shan Li & Chris Kirkham. “The ruling could change operations of high-profile companies in a diverse group of industries, such as Wal-Mart, which subcontracts out warehouse work…The three Democrats on the board voted for the ruling and the two Republicans voted against.” Read more


Woman Finds Vials of Blood Inside Target Order by Josh Einiger at ABC 7 NY. “Packed inside were five different vials of the same person’s blood. And, for good measure, she also found a PlayStation game with a creepy title. “What a coincidence, a CD named ‘Old Blood’ and there’s blood in the box,” Henry said. “Just don’t get it. Everyone I speak to about this does not believe me. They’re like, blood?” See the video / Read more


Macy’s new outlet stores offer slightly different vibe by Anne D’inocenzio at AP via Seattle Times. “(Macy’s) gave The Associated Press an early look at one of its new outlet stores…The store, which is opening Sept. 2 in Elmhurst, Queens, is about the same size as a T.J. Maxx …Backstage is working with new brands, like Fila and Reebok, and new labels like Elf in the beauty section…Backstage is meant more for treasure hunting, the company says.” Read more


Dollar General Q2 Comp +2.8% “We delivered 7.9 percent sales growth…We also grew both customer traffic and average ticket for the 30th consecutive quarter when compared to the prior year quarter,” said Todd Vasos, Dollar General’s chief executive officer.” Read the release


Amazon’s Treasure Truck launch message was a screw-up — another misstep in bungled rollout by Todd Bishop at GeekWire. “At this point, Amazon has basically lost all credibility on this project. Given the original hype, the first delay, and now this additional mistake, the company owes its customers an explanation: What caused the delay, and why hasn’t the Treasure Truck launched as expected?” Read more


Ex-Apple engineer launches furniture company to rival Ikea by James Covert at NY Post. “With Campaign, named for the simple-but-sturdy military furniture used by officers in the British Empire, Sewell is looking to put into home furnishings the knowledge he gained from a yearlong stint on Apple’s manufacturing design team in 2010.” Read more


***A message from Dig It Handwear–Protect finger nails from chipping or breaking when gardening. Revolutionary garden glove protects finger nails from chipping or breaking with patented “pillow-top” finger nail protection. See the line at Contact to request samples.


Home Depot to Present at the Goldman Sachs 22nd Annual Global Retailing Conference via MarketWatch. “The presentation will begin at 8:05 a.m. ET on September 10, 2015.” Read the release


Carhartt Opens the Door to Its New Flagship Store in Midtown Detroit Read the release


U.K. retailer Primark to make leap to U.S. by Sarah Halzack at Washington Post via Chicago Tribune. “Primark…plans to make the leap across the pond in September. As it opens its first store in Boston on Sept. 10 and then fans out with seven more outposts across the Northeast…Primark is sometimes described as the overseas answer to Forever 21.” Read more


Lowe’s COO Rick Damron Sells 13,075 Shares via Dakota Financial News. “The shares were sold at an average price of $68.71, for a total value of $898,383.25.” Read more


Fred’s Q2 Comp +0.9%  Read the release


Michael’s Q2 Comp +2.9%  Read the release


General Mills to remove artificial colors, flavors from fruit snacks by Mike Hughlett at Star Tribune. ““We’re really doing this because we’ve heard from families who say this will make the products better,” Klein said. In a marketing study last year, General Mills found that more than 50 percent of current and lapsed fruit snack consumers would more likely buy the product if it didn’t have artificial colors and flavors.” Read more


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