Today’s Tipsheet: McMillon:This Was Coming | H.Depot’s Mueller Wins Award | Target Reissues REDcard


Wal-Mart CEO to Cramer: This was coming  See the 10 min video interview


Walmart CEO Doug McMillon not sure why analysts seemed so surprised with news given it was announced in February by Kim Souza at The City Wire. “Perhaps we did not provide enough details at that time about this incremental investment (hourly wage increase)” he added during the Q&A session of the event.” Read more


Target just made its credit card a lot safer at CNN Money. “The retailer is in the process of reissuing all its REDcard credit and debit cards to chip and PIN cards. This means customers will have to enter a PIN and not just a signature to complete a transaction.” Read more


Congrats: Home Depot’s Trish Mueller Wins 2015 CMO Marketing Innovation Award  See the 2015 CMO Award Winners


Walmart’s Online Grocery Shopping Service Expands To 10 Cities by Sarah Perez at TechCrunch. “The full list of newly added cities includes Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in Texas; Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Naples, and Cape Coral in Florida; and Oklahoma City and Tulsa in Oklahoma.” Read more


Whole Foods partners with NYC firm to make retail software by Michael Theis at Austin Business Journal. “The partnership will see Whole Foods become something of a working lab for Infor’s engineers, who will help identify and create solutions to supply chain issues that crop up in any retail environment.” Read more


Walmart wants to help unchain companies from their cloud by Barb Darrow at Fortune. Read more


Costco Announces New Board Member “Costco announced the election to its Board of Directors of Maggie Wilderotter, the Executive Chairman of Frontier Communications…She formerly served in a number of executive roles at technology and telecommunications companies, including Microsoft, Wink Communications, AT&T, and McCaw Cellular.” Read the release


Food Lion completes remodel of 162 stores, largest investment in the company’s history by Amanda Hoyle at Triangle Business Journal. Read more


Walmart’s Marcus Osborne on Meeting Americans Where They Are in Healthcare at Oliver Wyman Health. Read the Q&A


Albertsons Delays IPO by Corrie Driebusch & Telis Demos at WSJ. “The company is continuing to evaluate market conditions, and the deal could still be launched in the next day or so, the people said.” Read more (Subscription)


The 10 Brands With Which U.S. Consumers Have The Greatest ‘Intimacy’ (Amazon #4, Whole Foods #8) by Kathryn Dill at Forbes. Read more / See the list


Man Accused of Setting Fire to Halloween Costumes in Walmart by Alan Wang at ABC 7. “It’s was scary. Everyone was freaking out. It’s like, oh my goodness, what is going on here?” said witness Naomi Santiago.” See the video / Read more


Walmart Executive Presentations from Yesterday’s Investment Meeting:

Doug McMillon

Charles Holley 

Neil Ashe

Greg Foran


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