Tuesday Tipsheet: Target #61 Citizen | Bezos #5 Leader | 80% Want Left Alone


“CNBC’s Top 25: Who Had the Biggest Impact on Business Since 1989 (Jeff Bezos #5)”  See the Top 25 list


“Deloitte:  80% Want to be Left Alone in Store”  “Consumers largely prefer to navigate the aisles and the checkout without a store associate’s help. Eight in 10 (80 percent) respondents in Deloitte Digital’s study said they prefer to obtain product information on their own device or from an in-store device like a kiosk, rather than ask a sales associate.”  Read more


“CR Magazine’s Top 100 Corporate Citizens (Target #61, CVS #79…)”  See the Top 100 list


“Tornado Impacts Walmart Workers” at The City Wire.  “The tornadic storms that cut a path across the Midwest on Sunday directly impacted 11 Wal-Mart workers — the majority of those in central Arkansas with others in Baxter Springs, Kansas and Miami, Okla. Ten of those lost their homes and/or their vehicles. One Walmart worker tragically lost two grandchildren in the storm, according to Dianna Gee, corporate spokeswoman with Wal-Mart Stores.”  Read more


“Walmart Offers a Helping Hand after Arkansas Tornadoes”  “Kevin Stephens, store manager in Conway, loaded his personal truck with water and supplies to take to the devastated areas this morning. Several other associates followed his lead by bringing aid to the damaged communities in Mayflower and Vilonia until Walmart trucks could arrive this afternoon with bottled water from the Walmart Foundation.”  Read more


“Container Store results were hurt by weather” by Maria Halkias at Dallas News. “Its 28 stores in areas where severe weather regularly forced store closings posted a same-store sales decline of 3 percent. Stores in areas with less of a weather impact posted a same-store sales increase of 4.1 percent.” Read more


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“Home Depot’s mission: ‘To ensure every veteran has a safe place to call home’ “ by Marsha Keefer at Community News.  “So that’s when we decided to put in for a Team Depot grant, which the VVA helped us with.”  The Home Depot Foundation has a mission: “To ensure every veteran has a safe place to call home.” It’s a good fit. The foundation said more than 35,000 of its associates are veterans.”  Read more


“Graphic:  How Much Data Is Generated Every Minute? (277,000 Tweets, 3,472 Pins…)”  See the graphic


“Man Sucker Punches Walmart Self Checkout Machine” at WGNS Radio.  “A Walmart customer who told police he was angry because he could not get any assistance, allegedly punched a self-checkout machine causing over $800 in damages.”  Read more


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