Hi, my name is Jason Long, and I’m the founder and owner of Eye on Retail. I have 25 years of experience managing brands, businesses and sales teams for Fortune 500 and privately held companies.  My expertise is commercializing and selling products into the largest retailers in the world.

During my corporate years, I consulted with every type of marketing firm and graphic designer imaginable.  I found that many were good at creating pretty pictures, but lacked the retail and business background necessary to link their design to a business, marketing or retail strategy.

After years of searching for the firm that could market AND sell, I determined it wasn’t out there, so I started it myself.  That business is Eye on Retail.

I’m uniquely qualified to help you grow your business at retail as I’ve been in hundreds of buyer meetings with the largest retailers in the world.  This gives me a unique perspective into what retail buyers are truly looking for in a new product.  Hint: you’d better be ready for your close-up.

Innovating through design is a personal passion and an excellent strategy for disrupting business as usual and separating your business or brand from the pack.  Our experienced designers excel in specific disciplines so you’ll receive superior design regardless of the project.

I’m a firm believer that a well thought-out buyer approach strategy and high-impact sales collateral is the secret sauce of getting a buyer to yes. Don’t short-change your pitch after spending months getting your product or idea ready for launch.  We’ll ensure that you look top-notch and communicate clearly and concisely.

I love talking business…contact me anytime to discuss yours…

Contact Jason:  jlong@eyeonretail.net