Eye-on-Retail Tipsheet 1/15/13: Walmart goes little; Facebook mystery event

  “Amazon leader Bezos honored by unlikely bunch” by Amy Martinez at Seattle-Times.  “Amazon.com founder and Chief Executive Jeff Bezos has received his share of business awards lately. Fortune magazine named him its 2012 “Businessperson of the Year.” Harvard Business Review ranks him as the No. 1 living CEO.  Now comes the National Retail Federation […]

Walmart bring nation’s smallest location to Atlanta (Atlanta Daily World) – https://atlantadailyworld.com/201301143132/Business/walmart-to-bring-nation-s-smallest-location-to-atlanta

Eye-on-Retail 1/14/13: FTC Stops Green Claim; NRF Expo Kicks Off

  Happening Now:  The National Retail Federation (NRF) kicks off its 102nd annual Convention and Expo in NYC @ Jacob Javits Convention Center, January 13-16.  We’ll be reporting on highlights all week.  Read more:  https://events.nrf.com/annual2013/public/MainHall.aspx?ID=13380&sortMenu=101000    “Retailers gather for industry’s ‘mini Davos’ ” by Andria Cheng at Market Watch.  “The retail industry’s biggest brainstorming session […]

Eye-on-Retail Tipsheet 1/11/13: Online Grocery Boom?; Lowe’s Home Automation “has legs”

  “How Whole Foods Is Helping Put A Stake Through The Heart Of Bureaucracy’ by Kim Bhasin at Business Insider.  “”We’ve been kicking bureaucracy in the shins, but we haven’t delivered a knockout blow yet,” he said. ‘We have to put a stake through the heart of bureaucracy…The retailer gives each of its stores $150,000 […]

Eye-on-Retail 1/10/13: Walmart & Same-Day Delivery; Walgreens Growth Strategy

    “Walmart Teams With UPS to Fight Amazon” at The Slant.  “…So rather than beat Amazon, Walmart is trying to join it with a big digital push and this UPS partnership. Dubbed Walmart To Go, the move will feature same-day delivery for $10 in northern Virginia, Philadelphia and Minneapolis, with the San Francisco area […]

Eye-on-Retail Tipsheet 1/9/13: Target’s Online Price Match; Dollar Stores Challenged

  “3-D printers could bring manufacturing to your home office” by Cecilia Kang at The Washington Post.  “This is definitely the year that 3-D printing is making a splash at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the annual bazaar of geek commerce. Last year, only one 3-D printing company showed up at the CES, which aims […]