Ammo Vending @ Grocery | Costco +6.9% | Best Buy Burglar

  Costco June comp sales (ex. gas & f/x) +6.9% / Membership fees increase “…effective September 1, 2024, it will increase annual membership fees by $5…Executive Memberships in the U.S. and Canada will increase from $120 to $130 …the increases will impact around 52 million memberships, a little over half of which are Executive.” Press […]

Morris Lures R. Stones | Etsy Overrun | WM College Surprise

  Instacart’s AI-powered smart carts, which offer real-time recommendations and ‘gamified’ shopping, are coming to more U.S. grocery stores at Fortune/Yahoo. “Instacart expanded its Caper Cart technology… trialing the tool in Price Chopper and McKeever’s Market & Eatery grocery stores this week. Since Instacart first acquired Caper Cart for $350 million in 2021, 1,500 retail […]

Amazon Discount Store | Pool Inspiration | Nike Missed It

  Amazon plans to launch discount store in bid to fend off Temu and Shein at CNBC. “Amazon’s storefront will feature a range of unbranded items, many priced under $20, according to a presentation to Amazon sellers viewed by CNBC…Amazon will ship the products directly from China to the U.S., with the goal of delivering […]

Target Leadership Changes | BJ’s +Clubs | Open Call Until 7/15

  Hidden Markups at Mail-Order Pharmacies Make Drugs More Costly for Employers at WSJ. “Unity Care NW, a nonprofit health clinic in Washington state, forecasts the cost of medical and drug benefits for its 365 employees and their family members will increase this year by 25%…A big reason: Drugs delivered by mail are costing multiples […]

CMO Top 10 | Starlink @ WM | WSJ/CVS Q&A

  Inside CVS’s Strategy to Improve the Pharmacy Experience at WSJ. “Mandadi says he views technology—including a new CVS app slated to launch this year—as key to enabling a better customer experience and transforming the business. He spoke with The Wall Street Journal about planned customer-experience improvements, the role that artificial intelligence should and shouldn’t play […]

Shein Hikes Prices | Zyn Shortage | Casey’s Pops

  Wholesale prices unexpectedly fell 0.2% in May at CNBC   Fast fashion retailer Shein hikes prices ahead of IPO at Reuters. “…has hiked prices by over a third on some core products, in a move likely to boost revenues ahead of its planned IPO, according to an analysis of its pricing strategy. Shein’s average […]