Amazon Union Broke | Target Stanley Firings | WM Greeter “On the Door”


The Labor Union That Defeated Amazon Is Fighting for Survival at WSJ. “The union’s financial position is one of its most pressing obstacles. The organization is “pretty much broke,” said Michelle Nieves, its vice president…The Amazon Labor Union’s momentum from its victory quickly faded. The group lost two subsequent votes at other Amazon warehouses and has failed to unionize another Amazon facility.” WSJ subs.


Gucci owner pays nearly $1B to scoop up tower on red-haute Fifth Avenue at NY Post. “… it could mean the boot for rival fashion house Armani from its flagship location. Gucci’s parent Kering scooped up the 115,000 square-foot, three-level retail space at 715-717 Fifth Ave., at East 56th Street, which sits at the base of a 28-story office tower known as the Corning Glass Building.” Read more


Target Workers Are Being Fired For Buying Limited-Edition Stanley Cups at Delish. “A number of stories have surfaced on a Target subreddit from people who have been fired or have witnessed others being terminated for buying the limited-edition cups. One Reddit user recalled having a conversation with a coworker about shifts not being picked up, only to find out that several people had been fired.” Read more


…Parents reportedly spent $3,000 to get their 16-year-old every variety of Stanley Cup – she now has 67 in various styles and colors acquired over the past year at Yahoo


Macy’s rejects $5.8B takeover bid from Arkhouse Management, Brigade Capital Management at AP. “Arkhouse and Brigade offered $21 for each of the remaining shares in Macy’s they don’t already own. Shares of New York-based Macy’s rose 3.6% Monday to close at $18.26.” Read more


Alibaba co-founders buy more than $200 million worth of shares, sending stock up at CNBC


French regulator fines Amazon $35 million over its surveillance system of warehouse workers at TechCrunch. “Indicators tracking the inactivity time of employees’ scanners were put in place. The CNIL ruled that it was illegal to set up a system measuring work interruptions with such accuracy, potentially requiring employees to justify every break or interruption,” the French regulator wrote.” Read more


Driver used fake Amazon van to move black-market marijuana at The Oklahoman


TikTok usage is starting to slow — is TikTok Shop to blame? at TechCrunch. “Personally, I’m starting to get really annoyed by how almost every other video on my [For You Page] is someone overhyping a product from the Shop feature to try to get it to go viral and make a lot of commissions,” wrote Redditor u/megg-salad-sammich…A search across Reddit finds many more threads complaining of the same thing throughout last year…” Read more


Chicago migrants wait outside of Home Depot store for $5/hour jobs at WBEZ Chicago. “They don’t know that is not a living wage,” said Mauricio Huertas, of the Latino Union, which advocates for immigrant workers. “And part of the conversation around that is telling them like, ‘OK, sure, right now you have these transitional benefits to get you set up. But how do you expect to pay for housing … when you’re earning $5 an hour?’” Read more


Loblaw backs away from plan to end 50% discount on food nearing best-before date at CBC News


Amazon Hopes to Dominate the World of Streaming Ads. It Faces Some Challenges Along the Way. at WSJ. “Much of Amazon Prime’s success will rely on buy-in from so-called nonendemic brands, meaning those that don’t already sell products on Amazon. “What is yet to be seen is how they win over brands not selling in the marketplace. Will brands like Mercedes, Chipotle and Allstate be as excited?” said Jared Belsky, chief executive of marketing firm Acadia.” WSJ subs.


Amish horse and buggy stolen from Walmart parking lot at Fox 17


Amazon’s birthplace is back on the market: Visitors flock to the house ‘where it all started’ at GeekWire. “I just wanted to see where it all started,” said Manan Patel, an Amazon employee who was one of numerous people with connections to the company who were among the steady stream of visitors at the open house. The listing team made sure that the home’s history was clear to anyone who visited.” Read more | Daily Mail pics


Jeff Bezos 60th birthday bash featured replica of his first Amazon office with his original chair at The Sun


Applebee’s date night passes sell out in 1 minute at NY Post


“Rain or sleet or snow, I’m on the door” at KNOE 8. “John Terry, a 76-year-old Walmart greeter in Monroe has captured the hearts of over two million TikTok viewers after a post of him expressing his dedication to his job went viral. They call him “Mr. John.” Video/Read more


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