Thursday’s Tipsheet: Target Backs Off $100 Bil Goal | Wmart Mgrs Talk Fears | Field & Stream Opens #2 (Si Appears)


“Target Backs Off $100 Billion Sales Goal” by Paul Ziobro at WSJ.  “Target Corp. backed off its goal for hitting $100 billion in sales by the end of 2017, as pressure on low-income shoppers and tough competition from rivals like Inc. weigh on results.  The retreat, made Wednesday during a meeting with analysts in Toronto, comes during a tough year for Target and other discounters.” Read more


“Target Canada Rollout Not Going as Planned” by Tom Webb at Twin Cities Business.  “Initial sales in Canada have fallen well short of expectations,” CEO Gregg Steinhafel told analysts Wednesday. But he remains “confident we will reach our long-range financial goals in our Canadian segment.” Still, officials concede Target will need to get better at restocking shelves, dealing with inventory and marketing their prices as competitive.  One analyst said, based on Target’s numbers, that Canadian sales fell 20 percent to 30 percent short of projections.”  Read more


“Amazon to take on Canadian grocers in crowded retail landscape” by Marina Strauss at Globe & Mail.  “American e-commerce powerhouse Inc. is launching online grocery and auto shops on Thursday, adding to an array of category additions this year that has included toys, beauty and home goods. The company is aggressively pushing into Canada, more than doubling its offerings this year, with 14 new kinds of products.”  Read more


“Wal-Mart managers talk fears, innovation and competition” by Kim Souza at City Wire.  “Eight divisional Walmart merchandising managers spoke candidly Wednesday (Oct. 30) to a group of 300 retail and supplier executives about what and who keeps them up at night…The team was asked to assess their competition in terms of who scare them most. The answers ranged from Kroger in dairy and fresh, Dollar General in candy and tobacco and Amazon in electronics.”  Read more


“Field & Stream Store #2 Opens (North of Pittsburgh) – Duck Dynasty Stars to Appear” by Cindy Schroeder at”  “I got an email from someone in Louisville asking me about the schedule for Si (Robertson) from ‘Duck Dynasty,’” Mayor Jim Collett said. “He was planning a 30th birthday party for his daughter, and she wanted to schedule her party around Si’s appearance.”  Read more / See the video


“Home Depot approaches 100,000 mobile POS transactions per week” by Lauren Johnson at Mobile Commerce Daily.  ““You can look at Home Depot – they came out with mobile POS. It was called FIRST program – Find, Inquire, Respect, Solve and Thank,” said Mary Monahan, executive vice president of mobile at Javelin, San Francisco…“Within the first quarter, they had done one hundred million transactions in mobile, and now they’re doing about 100,000 a week – within a year they will do 100,000 a week.”  Read more


“Kroger execs talk deals, data and private labels” by Alexander Coolidge at  “Kroger’s namesake brand is its top seller, and its upscale Private Selection is its No. 6 brand, compared to an entire portfolio of goods sold by vendors like Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Smucker’s.  The company announced its year-old Simple Truth brand of healthy items is close to becoming a $1 billion brand.”  Read more


“Kroger Isn’t Afraid of Online Grocery Shopping” by Annie Gasparro at WSJ.  “When it comes to grocery stores and the internet, people want to go online to share recipes, find coupons and check their loyalty reward points, Mr. Dillon said during the Q&A session at Kroger’s investor day Wednesday. “Not for e-commerce.”  “I understand some people like that … but there’s still a large percentage of customers that like to get out and have that interaction with friends and neighbors in their community as they walk through the store,” Mr. Dillon said.” Read more


“Retailers Brace for Reduction in Food Stamps” by Shelly Banjo and Annie Gasparro at WSJ.  “Retailers and grocers are bracing for another drain on consumer spending when a temporary boost in food-stamp benefits expires Friday…Wal-Mart estimates it rakes in about 18% of total U.S. outlays on food stamps. That would mean it pulled in $14 billion of the $80 billion the USDA says was appropriated for food stamps in the year ended in September 2012.”  Read more


“93% of U.S. Consumers Are Loyal to Brick and Mortar Retailers Who Have Sales on Frequently Purchased Items”  “85% of respondents said they would return to brick and mortar stores when alerted to upcoming sales of previously purchased items.  Also while 92% of U.S. consumers use some kind of shopping list (68% specifically use or bring a paper list) to stay organized, most Americans frequently make unplanned purchases, and half describe themselves as impulsive shoppers.”  Read more


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Wednesday’s Tipsheet: Wmart CEO on CNBC | Krogers Woos Wall Street Today | Amazon Likes P&G


“Walmart  CEO Appears on CNBC”  by Matthew Belvedere at CNBC.  “The 16-day government shutdown earlier this month was a drag on Wal-Mart sales, particularly around military bases and areas with high concentrations of federal workers, said Bill Simon, president and CEO of the retail giant’s U.S. operations.  “That sort of level of conversation and combativeness in Washington creates uncertainty in the economy,” Simon told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday.”  Read more / See the video


“How Walgreen’s Went from Zero to 85 Million Loyalty Members” by Kate Kaye at Ad Age.  “The single largest [challenge] was the replacement and standardization of all our POS technology,” said Mr. Holyk. That allowed the company to maintain and track points and balances in real time, he said. The system also talks to accounting systems that track expenses and sales data, integrates with promotional planning systems, and is linked to call-center and customer-service databases.”  Read more


“Target’s Sourcing Secrets” by Steve Banker at Forbes.  “Target sources from 35 different origins, but China is by far the most important country of origin. 80.6 percent of internationally sourced goods come from China. To help manage Chinese imports, they have inland consolidation centers and a peer team operating in China.”  Read more


“Amazon’s “Vendor Flex” Program Gets Comfy with P&G”  by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  “In an attempt to grow its consumer product goods business, Amazon has gotten cozy with consumer products giants Proctor & Gamble and Kimberly Clark to ship personal care products straight from the assembly line…”Household staples are often bulky. Shipping these out of piggyback locations frees up space in Amazon distribution centers for higher margin items,” Long added.” Read more


“Kroger Woos Wall Street Today” by Alexander Coolidge at  “Presenting to Wall Street analysts Wednesdday, Kroger executives are expected to stress continuity and a bright future as it changes leaders.  Kroger’s stock is near an all-time high. It has racked up almost 10 straight years of rising sales. And it will expand into the Southeast U.S. once it closes on an acquisition of North Carolina-based Harris Teeter.”  Read more


“Listen to Kroger’s Investor Webcast Today at 9:30 am EST”  Webcast link


“What Specialty Retailer Has the Highest Revenue Per Employee?  Tractor Supply of Course.”  by James Quinn at Smart Trend.  “Tractor Supply ranks highest with a an RPE of $619,000. Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance is next with a an RPE of $612,000. Dick’s Sporting Goods ranks third highest with a an RPE of $592,000.  Cabela’s follows with a an RPE of $561,000.”  Read more


“Wal-Mart China Announces New Management Changes” at China Retail News.  “Liang Guiji, senior vice president for Wal-Mart’s business development in China, has resigned. Wal-Mart said it is due to personal reasons.”  Read more


“What is Google Hiding on Its ‘Mystery Barges’ ? by Jessica Wohl at Reuters.  “How badly does Google want to keep under wraps a mysterious project taking shape on a barge in San Francisco Bay? Badly enough to require U.S. government officials to sign confidentiality agreements.  At least one Coast Guard employee has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the Internet giant, said Barry Bena, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman. Another person who would only identify himself as an inspector for a California government agency had to do the same.”  Read more


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Tuesday’s Tipsheet: Walmart Shutters Goodies | Target to Open 33 | Kroger’s ‘Snowflakes’


“Walmart Shutters Goodies Subscription Service” by Katie Evans at Internet Retailer.  “The Goodies Co., a subscription service from @WalmartLabs that launched as a test late last year, announced on its site that it is shuttering its operations. Goodies subscribers received a surprise box of food items at their doorsteps once a month for $7 a pop including taxes and shipping.”  Read more


“Target to open 33 more stores next month in Canada” by John Ewoldt at Star-Tribune.  “Target announced Monday that it will open 33 more stores in Canada next month, bringing the total number of Canadian stores opened this year to 124.  “It’s very clearly Target’s largest new store growth ever in a year,” said Amy Koo, an analyst at the Kantar Retail consulting firm in Boston. ..The rapid expansion hasn’t been entirely smooth. The retailer expected the Canadian stores to be profitable in the fourth quarter this year. Now the profitability expectation has been moved to the fourth quarter of 2014.”  Read more


“Sears May Spin Lands’ End Off” by Tim Parry at Multi-Channel Merchant.  “Sears Holdings Corp. said Oct. 29 that it is considering separating Lands’ End and Sears Auto Center from the rest of the company.  The company said in a press release that separating Lands’ End and Sears Auto Center would allow them to pursue their own strategic opportunities.”  Read more


“Kroger Knows Your Shopping Patterns Better Than You Do” by Tom Groenfeldt at Forbes.  “Kroger calls the 11 million pieces of direct mail it sends to customers each quarter “snowflakes” — because if any two are the same, it is a fluke. The redemption rate is over 70 percent within six weeks of the mailing…Kroger uses the coupon dispenser company, Catalina, for point-of-sale coupons, but with a twist dunnhumby insists on — unlike other grocery stores which will offer a Pepsi coupon to a Coke buyer, dunnhumby doesn’t try to convert customers.”  Read more


“H-E-B plans $100 million investment around downtown store” by Neal Morton at My San Antonio.  “H-E-B has disclosed plans for a $100 million expansion of its headquarters, a move that would double its downtown workforce by 2030 and transform the area just north of the historic King William neighborhood.  The master plan includes a grocery store, to be called Flores Market.”  Read more


“Struggling Sears to abandon flagship store in Toronto” by Marina Strauss at Globe & Mail.  “Sears Canada Inc. will abandon its flagship store at the Toronto Eaton Centre – one of the country’s prime real estate spaces – along with four other outlets in a leaseback deal that will generate $400-million for the struggling retailer but raises questions about the fate of its revival efforts.  The move also could pave the way for Nordstrom Inc., which is opening its first store in Canada next year, to nab the prized Toronto Eaton Centre site.”  Read more


“What the Harris-Teeter Acquisition Means for Kroger” by Michael Douglass at Motley Fool.  “Here is where Kroger can make a big difference. As the largest grocery chain in the US, it can bring scale advantages and additional capital resources to protect and increase Harris Teeter’s market share in the Southeastern US…Harris Teeter will have additional resources and management talent to compete and retain (and grow) market share.”  Read more


“Best Buy enlists star power for holiday ads” by David Phelps at Star-Tribune.  “Best Buy is employing some star power to fortify its television advertising for the holidays with the likes of actors Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph.  But the elephant in the TV spot is and other online retailers as Best Buy attempts to counter the “showrooming” phenomenon where customers shop the stores but order goods online.”  Read more


“Safeway’s Pain Could Be Roundy’s Gain” by Brian Stoffel at Motley Fool.  “The view from 30,000 feet is that Mariano’s is hitting the ball out of the park, while the rest of the players continue to be a drag. The problem is that while there are 11 Mariano’s stores — all located in Chicago — the traditional segment of the business has 150 locations. There simply aren’t enough Mariano’s locations to balance out the overall poor performance by the other chains.”  Read more


“RadioShack Goes Retro with First Custom Concept Store”  “A new “retro” RadioShack opens Wednesday, Oct. 30 at noon in the new Commerce Building in Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. The tenth RadioShack concept store open nationwide, this all new location was custom-designed for Fort Worth.”  Read more


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Monday’s Tipsheet: D.General Beats Walmart on Basket Price | Costco’s Mexico Expansion


“Dollar General Beats Walmart for ‘Cheapest Basket’ “ at Kantar Retail “Dollar General’s total basket was the least expensive among retailers surveyed, edging out Walmart Supercenter’s basket by just $0.12.  This represents a substantial closing of the gap in the survey conducted last year, when Dollar General’s basket of OPP items was 18% cheaper than Walmart’s. The edible grocery and HBA sub-baskets drove Dollar General’s basket lead over Walmart.”  See the list


“Costco Has Room For Growth In Mexico” at Seeking Alpha.  “Costco started its operations in Mexico through a 50% owned joint venture, and its store count had been stagnant for the past four-five years. However, the warehouse retailer acquired the remaining 50% stake from its partner last year and has opened one store since. Costco plans to add another store in the current quarter and we expect it to continue expanding in Mexico in the future.”  Read more 


“UPS predicts ‘record’ holiday season” by Kyle Stock at SF Gate.  “The company estimates it will handle 4 percent more U.S. packages over the holidays, thanks, in part, to an expected 15 percent increase in online retail orders.  “We expect this year’s holiday season will be another for the record books, as we pick up more than 34 million packages on our peak day.”  Read more


“Target to ban criminal history box on job applications” by Janet Moore at Star-Tribune.  “The initiative, part of a budding “Ban the Box” movement across the country, calls for employers to wait until a prospective employee is being interviewed or has a provisional job offer before inquiring whether he or she has a criminal past.”  Read more


“Petco Opens First Store in Mexico”  “Petco has opened its first store in Mexico and announced plans for continued expansion in Mexico and Latin America through a previously announced joint venture with Grupo Gigante of Mexico.  Together, the companies plan to open as many as 50 Petco stores in Mexico and Latin America by 2020. Terms of the joint venture were not disclosed.”  Read more


“Former Sears Canada CEO to head Sephora’s North American arm” at Globe & Mail.  “The former CEO of Sears Canada, Calvin McDonald, has been named to the top job in North America at beauty giant Sephora.  McDonald resigned abruptly from Sears Canada last month in the middle of the retailer’s three-year turnaround plan.”  Read more


“Disney to open massive China store” at Reuters via CNBC.  “Walt Disney Co. said it plans to open its first China store in Shanghai, expected to be its largest ever, underscoring the need to cater to the nation’s growing middle class.”  Read more


“Sherwin-Williams Net Sales Jump 9.4%”  “Net sales in the Paint Stores Group increased 13.5% to $1.76 billion in the quarter and increased 9.0% to $4.54 billion in nine months due primarily to higher architectural paint sales volume across all end market segments. Net sales from stores open for more than twelve calendar months increased 10.9% in the quarter.”  Read more


“Holiday 2013: Five Trends To Watch” by Laura Heller at Forbes.  “Self-gifting is on the decline. Shoppers will cut back on impulse buys for themselves, according to another interesting tidbit from the NRF annual holiday survey. Shoppers have gotten better at sticking to a budget and treating themselves to something because the deals are too good to pass up.”  Read more


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Friday’s Tipsheet: Amazon Sls Jump 30% in NA | Wmart CEO Interview in China | Costco/Sam’s Ignoring Gen Y?


“Amazon Revenue Jumps 24%” by Greg Bensinger & Michael Calia at WSJ.  “In its core North American market, Amazon sales climbed 30% to $9.5 billion.  For the third quarter, Amazon narrowed its loss to $41 million, or 9 cents per share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $274 million, or 60 cents per share, a year earlier.”  Read more


“Walmart CEO Mike Duke’s Exclusive Interview with BizAsia” at  “The retail giant’s CEO Mike Duke told BizAsia exclusively that this plan represents the company’s fresh efforts in exploring new business opportunities in China’s urbanization plan.”  See the video


“Ignoring Gen Y May Be Costco & Sam’s Achilles’ Heel”  by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  ““My concern for the clubs is that if they rely on Gen Y to reach these life stages later in life, it might be too late,” Altukhaim said. “At what point does a club membership become irrelevant when you’re dealing with a generation that already skews higher toward, for instance, Amazon and its Prime memberships.” Read more


“Target’s Rough Ride In Canada Will Persist In The Near Term” at Trefis.  “Target had about 68 stores operational in Canada at the end of the second quarter of fiscal 2013. Although the initial response was good, the company isn’t doing too well in terms of customer satisfaction. According to a survey conducted by Forum Research, only 27% of the customers polled were “very satisfied” with their experience at Target.”  Read more


“Wal-Mart Now Has More Solar Than 38 U.S. States; Drink!” by Tom Randall at Businessweek.  “Solar power and keg stands have one thing in common: Wal-Mart wants to profit from them.  In the race for commercial solar power, Wal-Mart is killing it. The company now has almost twice as much capacity as second-place Costco. A better comparison: Wal-Mart is converting more sun into energy than 38 U.S. states.”  Read more


“After Jumping the Gun Last Year, Target Pushes Back Holiday-Campaign Launch” by Natalie Zmuda at Ad Age.  “A year ago the retailer caught flack from consumers for launching its first holiday spot in mid-October. That ad, which focused on its Red Card branded credit card, featured an upbeat tune with the chorus, “Are You Ready?”  “We learned last year we just went too soon,” said Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer at Target. “Even though it wasn’t an overt commercial about Christmas products, people interpreted it that way.” Read more


“Cabela’s to Open 3 New Stores; Wants 67+  by 2015”  Cabela’s announced today plans to bring the extraordinary Cabela’s retail experience to three new markets – Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada; Garner, N.C.; and Sun Prairie, Wis.”  Read more


“Schnucks Grocery agrees to proposed settlement over data breach” by Kavita Kumar at St. Louis Post Dispatch.  “The aggregate cap that Schnucks would pay on the above claims would be $1.6 million…Furthermore, Schnucks would pay: up to $10,000 for each related identity theft loss, with the total capped at $300,000; up to $635,000 for the plaintiff and settlement attorney’s fees; and $500 to each of the nine named plaintiffs in the lawsuit.”  Read more


“Amazon’s Seattle biodome campus clears design board” by Chris O’Brien at LA Times.  “A Seattle city review board has given the thumbs-up to an ambitious and unusual biodome design proposed by Amazon as part of its new downtown campus.”  See the pictures


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Thursday’s Tipsheet: Wmart to open 110 in China | Aldi = Most Simple Brand | 18 Depressing Sears Photos


“Wal-Mart to open up to 110 new China stores by 2016” by Matthew Miller at Reuters.  “Wal-Mart will open up to 110 facilities in China between 2014 and 2016, in addition to the 30 it has already opened this year, it said at a press event in Beijing on Thursday.  Wal-Mart has closed 11 stores and is looking to close 15-30 others over the next 18 months, said Greg Foran, chief executive of Wal-Mart China, in what he called part of a rationalization process.”  Read more


“Target’s ‘Buy Online – Pick-up in Store’ Expands to all Stores” at AP via Boston Herald.  “Target Corp. said Wednesday that the service is now in about half of its 1,800 U.S. stores and will be expanded to the rest of its U.S stores by Nov. 1. The discounter is joining other retailers including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Best Buy Stores Inc. and Sears Holdings Corp. that have had similar services for a couple of years.”  Read more


“18 Depressing Photos That Show Why Nobody Wants To Shop At Sears” by Ashley Lutz at Business Insider.  “Brian Sozzi, chief equities strategist at Belus Capital Advisors, took poignant photos inside of New Jersey and New York Sears locations.  “To understand why Sears is in a ‘sell stores mode’ one must look no further than the stores themselves, where the truth is to be found,” Sozzi writes.  His photos show the sad reality of what Sears is today.”  See the photos


“Can Walmart Shake Up The Renewable Energy Sector?” by Ariel Schwartz at Fast Company.  “Walmart has 150 solar installations in seven countries, as well as 26 fuel cell installations in the U.S. and a smattering of experimental micro-wind and large scale wind projects. “One of the big paradigm shifts was that we had to start opening up our doors. In the past, we thought we could keep our heads down. We had to learn from experts, and we started meeting with NGOs and academia,” says Kim Saylors, VP of Energy at Walmart.”  Read more


“Walmart Unveils ‘Largest Green Roof in Portland’ “ by Steve Law at Sustainable Life.  “Walmart will unveil what’s billed as the largest green roof in the city of Portland when it opens its new store near Delta Park next month.  Nearly half the Walmart Supercenter’s 92,000-square-foot roof will be covered in vegetation and sediment, which will help cool the store and manage storm water.”  Read more


“Target & Walmart Are Top Brands with New Millennial Parents” at Ad Week “Millennials have a reputation as image-conscious and spoiled. But growing up at a time that saw America at war, 9/11 and economic uncertainty, this generation of new parents is actually less image-conscious and more pragmatic than you might think. In other words, bye, bye Apple; hello, Walmart.” See the Infographic


“Aldi Tops Ranks of ‘Simple’ Companies’ “ at Supermarket News.  “Grocery discounter Aldi was named to the top spot of a list of global brands ranked by their simplicity by Siegel + Gale, which announced findings of its annual Global Simplicity Index on Wednesday.  The report, based on a study of 10,000 consumers in seven countries, scored Aldi as the most simple global brand, up nine spots from last year.”  Read more


“Getting into Harvard Easier than Getting a Job at Wegmans” by Peter Van Allen at Philly Business. “Some 10,000 people applied for 500 positions at a Wegmans slated to open next month…About 500 new employees were hired from the applicant pool — a 5 percent acceptance rate.  By comparison, Harvard had an undergraduate acceptance rate of 5.8 percent in the most recent year.”  Read more


“Pop-Up Stores Raise a Question for Landlords” by Maura Webber Sadovi at WSJ.  “The issue took on new significance when home-furnishing retailer Crate and Barrel said it would operate pop-up stores for the first time in its roughly 50-year history. The temporary stores, which will be much smaller than a typical Crate and Barrel store, are set to open this and next month in Las Vegas, Des Moines, Nashville and Albany, N.Y.”  Read more


“Wal-Mart adds tablets to its store trade-in program” at The City Wire.  “Wal-Mart said today (Oct. 23) that customers can trade in their tablets at more than 3,600 stores and Sam’s Club locations nationwide. Similar to its new smartphone trade-in program, customers and members can receive up to $300 for their trade, which will then be applied toward the purchase of a new tablet.”  Read more


“99 Cents Only chain lays off 160 workers” by Shan Li at LA Times.  “99 Cents Only, which was acquired in 2011 by L.A. private equity firm Ares Management and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, operates 238 stores in California, 44 in Texas, 33 in Arizona and 17 in Nevada.”  Read more


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Wednesday’s Tipsheet: Walmart Wants 3 Yr Vendor Exclusivity | Amazon Ups Min Order for Free Ship to $35


“Walmart Pursues Three Year Exclusivity Agreements with Vendors” by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  “Wal-Mart is working with key suppliers providing three-year contracts, over the typical one-year deals.  “Suppliers know they can get $300 million annually / for three years when they give us better costs and access to better exclusive product,” Duncan Mac Naughton (Chief Merchandising Officer) said in a breakfast meeting with analysts Oct. 15.”  Read more


“Amazon hikes minimum order for free shipping to $35” by Jay Greene at Seattle Times.  “Amazon hiked the minimum order price to get free shipping Tuesday by $10, to $35, a move that should reduce its massive shipping costs and could drive more customers to its Amazon Prime service.”  Read more


“Cerberus, others explore deal for Safeway” by Olivia Oran & Soyoung Kim at Reuters.  “Safeway, the second-largest U.S. mainstream grocery store operator with a market value of over $8 billion, is not running an auction currently, but is aware of the buyout interest and reviewing options with advisor Goldman Sachs Group Inc, the people said on Tuesday.”  Read more


 “Amazon Launches Huge Office in Vancouver” at Vancouver Sun.  “Vancouver’s tech sector is slated for another boost in jobs as Amazon seeks to expand its presence in the city.  The online retail giant plans to open office space with room for as many as 1,000 employees in Vancouver’s Telus Garden, Canadian technology news site Tech Vibes reported Tuesday.”  Read more


“RadioShack’s 3rd-Quarter Loss Widens” by Drew Fitzgerald at WSJ.  “Sales at stores open at least a year dropped 8.4% as the company liquidated many unwanted products, while gross margin slid to 30.1% from 36%.”  Read more


“Lowe’s Sweeps EPA Honors For Environmental Leadership” at MarketWatch.  “Added to the 2013 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award that Lowe’s received in March, the recent honors give Lowe’s the distinction of being the only retail partner to receive all three EPA awards.”  Read more


“Sobeys to sell 23 stores in Western Canada” by Marina Strauss at Globe & Mail.  “Sobeys Inc. has agreed to sell 23 supermarkets in Western Canada to get the green light from the federal Competition Bureau for its $5.8-billion takeover of Safeway Canada.  The stores to be divested, in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, are mostly Safeway supermarkets and some Sobeys stores, along with outlets operating under the Thrifty, Price Chopper and IGA banners.”  Read more


“Publix sells PIX chain” by Jacques Couret at Atlanta Business Chronicle.  “Publix Super Markets Inc. will sell its convenience stores concept PIX, which includes two stores in Georgia.  Circle K Stores Inc. will buy 11 stores in Florida and two in Georgia (Perry and Alpharetta), while Max Arnold & Sons LLC will buy one in Tennessee. The sales price was not disclosed.”  Read more


“Aaron’s agrees to stop spying on computer renters” by Stuart Pfeifer at LA Times.  “The Federal Trade Commission had accused Aaron’s and its franchisees of using software to monitor customers’ computer keystrokes and secretly watch them in their homes through the computers’ webcams.  In some instances, the company captured images of customers engaged in what the FTC called “intimate activities”.”  Read more


“The One Thing Successful People Do Every Day” by William Arruda at Forbes.  “Here’s the one personal branding habit you can’t be too busy for.  Document your wins. What’s the easiest way to do that? Keep a job journal.”  Read more


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Tuesday’s Tipsheet: Walmart Studies H-E-B. | McKinsey Retail Study | P&G’s ‘transformative’ New Plastic


“Wal-Mart studies HEB for lesson in ‘fresh’ “ by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  “Jack Sinclair (EVP Grocery) last week told a group of analysts attending the retailer’s annual investor meeting that “HEB is the best food retailer in the world, particularly on fresh.”  He said Wal-Mart opened an office in San Antonio to work with HEB vendors to learn how to do fresh better, specifically meat and produce. At the time, he said “people still want to feel their apples before buying them,” which is why he believes mainstream grocery delivery in the U.S. in still years away.”  Read more


“How retailers can keep up with consumers” at McKinsey & Co. via @mohitspeak.  “While it is true that powerful forces are at work in retail today, we believe their full impact won’t be felt for years. (For instance, despite the e-commerce boom, brick-and-mortar stores should still account for approximately 85 percent of US retail sales in 2025) That said, incumbent retailers can’t expect to stay successful by going about business as usual.”  Read more


“Target’s marketing efforts are right on target with revamped ‘Bullseye View’ “ by John Reinan at MinnPost.  “Content is king in today’s marketing world, and the local king of marketing — Target Corp. — is providing an excellent example of a content-based strategy at A Bullseye View.  Recently revamped and relaunched, the site aims to tell “a deeper story” about Target to media members and other influencers, said Eric Hausman, who leads the communications team responsible for the site.”  Read more


“Why Family Dollar Is Not the Best Dollar Store” by Harsh Chauhan at The Motley Fool.  “Management had expected same-store sales to increase 2% in the recently reported fourth quarter, the metric actually stayed flat from the year-ago quarter. Compare this to Dollar General’s impressive same-store sale growth of 5.1% and Dollar Tree’s 3.7% jump in their latest quarters, and it becomes quite evident that Family Dollar is lagging behind.”  Read more


“Tesco admits to wasting 28,500 tons of food” by Katrina Bishop at CNBC.  “Tesco – the U.K.’s largest retailer by sales – has admitted that it generated 28,500 tons of food waste in the first six months of this year, drawing attention to the huge amount of food thrown away by British supermarkets.  Some two-thirds of Tesco’s bagged salads and just over half of its baked goods were wasted”  Read more


“J.C.Penney shares plunge after analyst sets $1 price target” at Chicago Tribune via Reuters.  “J.C. Penney Co Inc shares sank to a more than 30-year low on Monday after an analyst slashed her price target on its shares to $1 from $5, citing increasing concerns that the retailer “may engage in a financial restructuring in 2014.”  Read more


“RadioShack Gets $825 Million ‘Lifeline’ from GE Capital” by Dhanya Skariachan at Fox Business.  “RadioShack had been looking to refinance existing debt to cut borrowing costs and assure vendors and other key partners that it has enough cash to fund turn-around efforts led by Chief Executive Joe Magnacca.  The Journal reported that the new loan, around $835 million, will be secured by existing assets, including inventory.”  Read more


“Walmart And Amazon Get Ready To Rumble This Holiday Season” by Christopher Versace at Forbes.  “43% of U.S. smartphone users purchased a good via their device in the last month.That activity was skewed higher at Target  than at Walmart – 54% of shoppers used their smartphone to make an in-store purchase in the last month, compared to 38% of Wal-Mart customers. The Parks survey also revealed that more than 25% of consumer electronics shoppers in broadband households have used mobile commerce apps on their smartphone to help with an in-store purchase decision.”  Read more


“P&G finds way to make cheaper, greener plastic goods” by Alexander Coolidge at via Ad Age.  “Sources told Ad Age that former Chief Executive Bob McDonald said the new technology is among the company’s “most transformative,” comparing it to disposable diapers, and could save the company $1 billion a year by using less plastic and different raw materials.  The trade magazine said patents received for the technology has applications for products that could range from toothbrushes, mascara and tampon applicators to toys, auto parts and medical devices.”  Read more


“What Can We Expect From The Next Decade Of Marketing?” by Greg Satell at Forbes.  “In the past, we focused on rational benefits to entice consumers to support our brands. Show that you are better in a clear, rational way and, so the thinking went, you could build a loyal following.  However, we’re not rational, calculating machines, but emotional driven creatures who are subject to an whole array of cognitive biases. and new research has changed the psychology of marketing. For example, research shows that while a price promotion may spurs sales, it lessens enjoyment and can hurt the brand long-term.”  Read more


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