Eye-on-Retail Tipsheet 2/21/13: Walmart’s earnings top estimates; Home Depot’s Ann-Marie Campbell


“Wal-Mart Tops Estimates, but Guidance Is Weak” at CNBC. “Wal-Mart Stores reported quarterly earnings Thursday that topped analysts’ expectations, but its guidance for the first quarter was short of consensus estimates. After the earnings announcement, the company’s shares rose slightly in pre-market trading. The company posted fourth-quarter earnings excluding items of 1.67 per share, up from $1.44 a share in the year-earlier period.” Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/id/100475797


“February Shows Advertisers Still Love Broadcast Channels” by Steve Hasker and Eddie Yoon at HBR.  “The Showtime program “Homeland” has generated great buzz over the last year, but people without Showtime can’t participate in the “Homeland” debate as to whether Brody is good or bad. By contrast, anyone can talk about Sunday NFL football or sports radio the next day. And because it is generally watched at the time of broadcast, free media represent a communal experience.  In fact, a media demand study commissioned by CBS, Nielsen and The Cambridge Group identified five media need states — Relax and Escape (preferring shows like Modern Family, Hawaii 5-0, Deliliah’s Adult Contemporary music), Keep Me Informed (News, NPR’s All Things Considered, Conservative Talk Radio), Authentic & Inspirational ( Extreme Home Makeover, This American Life), Action & Sports (ESPN, ESPN Radio) and Family Companion (American Idol).”  Read more:  https://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/02/february_shows_advertisers.html?utm_campaign=Socialflow&utm_source=Socialflow&utm_medium=Tweet


“Home Depot’s Ann-Marie Campbell, Southern Division President – This Week’s Top Woman” by L. Nicole Williams at Little Pink Book (Interview & Background). “Ann-Marie Campbell, Southern Division President at The Home Depot, is living the American Dream.  The Jamaican-born executive has overcome tragedy and inequity to become the first woman in the U.S. to lead a division for the Fortune 500 powerhouse. She is responsible for the sales and operations of more than 640 stores, and leads a team of more than 100,000 associates in 15 U.S. states, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.  At the tender age of two, Campbell lost her father, an electrical engineer, to a fatal car accident. He was only 26 years old.  “You kind of don’t miss what you don’t have but, then, there are those days when I wonder what it would’ve been like,” says Campbell.”  Read more:  https://www.littlepinkbook.com/resources/pink-profiles/ann-marie-campbell


“There’s An Explanation For The Wal-Mart News That Isn’t Bad For The Economy At All” by Matthew Boesler at Business Insider.  “Perhaps Wal-Mart didn’t sell as many flat-screen televisions in February as they did a year ago on account of delayed filings and subsequent delays to refund checks.  Today, UBS economists led by Maury Harris put some numbers to that theory. They note that through the first two weeks of February, 2013 tax refunds total $55 billion – down 28 percent from last year…The IRS officially began the filing season on January 30 this year versus January 17 last year due to the changes in tax code as part of the fiscal cliff deal. There has only been roughly 10 days of refunds issued this year versus about 17 days in 2012. However, recently the pace of refunds has picked up. For the first 10 days of this year’s filing season (thru Feb 14) versus the 10 first days of last year’s season (thru Feb 6), refunds are running a cumulative $55 bil versus $37 bil last year.”  Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/delayed-tax-refunds-hurt-wal-mart-sales-2013-2


“Home Depot-Owned Redbeacon Now Lets You Pay Contractors Online” by Jordan Crook at Tech Crunch.  “While pros have the added benefit of getting paid on the spot, they also enjoy a few other benefits from being on the Redbeacon platform. For one, Redbeacon’s acquisition by Home Depot has allowed the home services marketplace to be integrated with 150 Home Depot stores across five markets. This lets Home Depot refer confused customers to Redbeacon pros. Plus, it lets pros sign up for Redbeacon rewards, meaning they get points for all purchases made at Home Depot, which can later be used to buy more supplies.”  Read more:  https://techcrunch.com/2013/02/20/home-depot-owned-redbeacon-now-lets-you-pay-contractors-online/


“Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Seems Like An Amazing Husband” by Ashley Lutz at Business Insider.  “Vogue’s March issue features a profile of Mackenzie Bezos, wife of Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.  The story focuses on Mackenzie’s budding career as a novelist, but also dives into her relationship with her husband.  Despite running one of the biggest companies in the world, Jeff Bezos makes his wife and kids his top priority.  Read more: https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-ceo-jeff-bezos-and-wife-mackenzie-2013-2#ixzz2LXBoKHPG


“Walmart, Sam’s Club To Deploy 2,500 Self-Service Health Kiosks” at iHealth Beat.  “Self-service kiosks that aim to boost consumer health are being deployed in thousands of stores across the U.S., Kasier Health News reports.  Kiosk Details:  Next month, Walmart and Sam’s Club are scheduled to debut 2,500 of the kiosks developed by Duluth, Ga.-based SoloHealth.  The kiosks will offer consumers access to various health tests, such as: blood pressure, eye sight and obesity.  The devices also can advise patients on: diet; locating a doctor; pain management and vitamins.  SoloHealth said it plans to update the kiosks so that they include smoking cessation tips, diabetes testing and programs for helping consumers enroll in health plans.”  Read more: https://www.ihealthbeat.org/articles/2013/2/20/walmart-sams-club-to-deploy-2500-self-service-health-kiosks.aspx?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Ihealthbeat+%28iHB%29#ixzz2LX5mMy3C


“OfficeMax And Office Depot Announce Merger Of Equals To Create $18 Billion Global Office Solutions Company”  “OfficeMax Incorporated and Office Depot, Inc. today announced the signing of a definitive merger agreement under which the companies would combine in an all-stock merger of equals transaction intended to qualify as a tax-free reorganization. The transaction, which was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of both companies.”  Read more:  https://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/latest.jsp?resourceid=6338495&access=EH


“The Walmart of weed opens in Seattle, retail sales coming next” by Linda Thomas at My Northwest.  “The largest medical marijuana dispensary in Seattle is open in one of the state’s old liquor stores, and preparing for retail sales.  A successful online medical marijuana distributor has opened a brick and mortar store in the city.  “5,200 square feet. It is very, very , very large and it’s great.”…Jones gave me a tour, pointing out cupcakes, cookies and gummy candy laced with marijuana. “We have an energy drink, we have peanut butter and jelly, these cookies here are great for sleep they’re great for pain as well,” he says. “This blackberry crumble is for heavier dosage patients it’s good for about eight hours of pain relief.  There’s a rack of a dozen small marijuana plants in pots next to a mature plant that’s about four-feet tall.”  Read more:  https://mynorthwest.com/646/2207464/The-Walmart-of-weed-opens-in-Seattle-retail-sales-coming-next


“Target Corp. faces complaints about hiring practices” by Dee Depass at Star-Tribune.  “Schmid said employers cannot have blanket policies that bar applicants with criminal records from consideration. Such practices have been found to disproportionately affect African-Americans, she said.  Instead, employers must review each job applicant’s situation individually, consider how long ago the arrest or conviction occurred, the nature of the incident and if it is relevant to the job, she said.  During Wednesday’s news conference, counselor and Minnetonka resident Kissy Mason said she applied for and was offered a cashier job at Target in April. But the offer was rescinded two days later when Mason was told she was being denied a job because she had a criminal record.”  Read more:  https://www.startribune.com/business/192087561.html


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