Eye-on-Retail Tipsheet 3/1/13: 2013 World’s Most Admired Co’s; Walmart’s Empty Shelves


“2013 World’s Most Admired Companies” at Fortune.  “Asked to name the best of the best, 3,800 executives, directors, and analysts chose these businesses.  Highlights:

#1 – Apple

#3 – Amazon

#19 – Whole Foods

#22 – Target

#23 – Costco

#27 – Walmart

#45 – Home Depot

See the full list:  https://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/most-admired/2013/list/?iid=wma_lp_toprr


“Wal-Mart Struggles to Restock Store Shelves as U.S. Sales Slump” by Renee Dudley at Bloomberg.  “Wal-Mart Stores Inc already struggling to woo shoppers constrained by higher taxes, is “getting worse” at keeping shelves stocked, the retailer’s U.S. chief told executives, according to minutes of an officers’ meeting obtained by Bloomberg News.  For much of its history, Wal-Mart has been considered a master of logistics, persuading suppliers to set up shop near its operations. “We have to get better and remain laser-focused every day because momentum can turn against you in a second,” Bill Simon, executive vice president and chief executive officer for the U.S. for Wal-Mart Stores Inc., said according to the Feb. 1 meeting minutes.   “We run out quickly and the new stuff doesn’t come in,” U.S. Chief Executive Officer Bill Simon said, according to the minutes of the Feb. 1 meeting. Simon said “self-inflicted wounds” were Wal-Mart’s “biggest risk” and that an executive vice president had been appointed to fix the restocking problem, according to the minutes.”  Read more:  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-27/wal-mart-s-slowness-stock-shelves-worsens-as-sales-stay-s.html


“Meijer – Fresh Michigan-grown tomatoes year-round”   “Meijer has something customers have been missing: Fresh, vine-ripened Michigan-grown tomatoes year-round, even in the middle of winter, thanks to a strong partnership with Mastronardi Produce and their state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse in Coldwater, Mich. Meijer is committed to buying locally-grown produce as long as the quality meets its high standards, and as a result, works with more than 100 local growers and businesses in the Midwest, representing an economic impact of more than $80 million annually.”  See the video of how they’re doing it:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK24WYWOAxU


“Groupon Fires Founder, CEO Andrew Mason” at Fox Business.  “Embattled daily deal company Groupon on Thursday fired its founder and chief executive Andrew Mason.  The company said in a statement that executive chairman Eric Lefkofsky and vice chairman Ted Leonsis have been appointed to replace Mason temporarily while the company conducts a search for a new CEO.”  Read more:  https://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2013/02/28/groupon-fires-founder-ceo-mason/#ixzz2MHtWr7ti


“Now Amazon Veterans Are Running Groupon” by Owen Thomas at Business Insider.  “Now that Groupon has fired its CEO, Andrew Mason, the e-commerce company is largely in the hands of its current management team.  And more than half of its management team previously worked at the largest e-commerce company in the world, Amazon.com.  (They of course report up to Groupon investors and board members Eric Lefkofsky and Ted Leonsis, who are acting as co-CEOs.)  Groupon is essentially in two businesses today.  One is its original daily-deals business, which has evolved into what’s more or less a marketing platform for local businesses.  The other is Groupon Goods, which the company calls “curated e-commerce”—in other words, a selection of products for sale, usually at an attractive discount.”  Read more:  https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-veterans-running-groupon-2013-2#ixzz2MHwwpX9D


“Home Depot’s CMO Trish Mueller to Keynote  Mobile Marketing Association’s New York Forum” at Mobile Marketing Watch.  “This year, the keynote responsibility will fall on the senior vice president and chief marketing officer for The Home Depot, Trish Mueller. Muelller is responsible for the strategic branding and advertising direction of the company and its subsidiaries.  Prior to joining The Home Depot in 2009 as vice president of advertising, Mueller was senior vice president, advertising and marketing for The Sports Authority. She has an extensive background in the retail industry and has held senior officer marketing management roles at American Signature, a $1 billion-plus furniture store company, and ShopNBC, a home shopping network.”  Read more:  https://www.mobilemarketingwatch.com/mma-confirms-new-plans-for-mmas-new-york-forum-29821/


“Former Trader Joe’s CEO Wants to Use Expired Food to Feed the Hungry” by Lisa DeCanio at BostInno.  “Doug Rauch, a former CEO of Trader Joe’s, wants to change that practice by rescuing expired food and using it to feed the needy.  Before you object, understand that it’s not as disgusting as you think. WBUR explains how expiration dates work:  Sell-by dates began as a method of inventory control for store managers, a way to stock grocery aisles more efficiently. But the dates have now morphed into a marketing tool with a harmful ripple effect. They cause producers to churn out more inventory, stores to waste more food, and motivate the rest of us to throw perfectly good food down the disposal.”  Read more:  https://bostinno.com/2013/02/27/trader-joes-ceo-expired-food-to-feed-the-hungry/


“Facebook acquires Atlas from Microsoft” by Janet Tu at The Seattle-Times.  “Facebook said, in a posting today from Brian Boland, director of product marketing, that it believes its purchase of Atlas “will benefit both marketers and users.”  Atlas has been an approved partner for measuring ad campaigns on Facebook since June, and Atlas clients should not see any change to the service, Boland said.  He also said:  “Today’s marketing environment is much more complex than it was just a few short years ago. Marketers and agencies struggle to understand how their efforts across different channels complement and strengthen each other. Consequently, they are forced to adopt siloed marketing strategies for each channel, leading to poor and inconsistent end-user experiences.”  Read more:  https://blogs.seattletimes.com/microsoftpri0/2013/02/28/facebook-acquires-atlas-from-microsoft/


“Wal-Mart executive Tom Mars exits” at The City Wire.  “An internal memo from Walmart US CEO Bill Simon circulated throughout the company Wednesday (Feb. 27) announced that Tom Mars, executive vice president and chief administrative officer, will exit the company March 13.  There was no reason given for Mars’ departure in the memo obtained by The City Wire and Wal-Mart has publicly declined comment.”  Read more:  https://www.thecitywire.com/node/26687#.UTCaCDCG3X4


“Gap Inc. Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings Per Share Increase of 66 Percent”  “Gap Inc. today reported fourth quarter and full year results for fiscal year 2012 and provided guidance for fiscal year 2013. Improved product performance and continued global expansion helped drive an 8 percent increase in net sales for the full year.”  Read more:  https://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsLang=en&newsId=20130228006426&div=-1245645151


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