Eye-on-Retail Tipsheet 5/7/13: Walmart #1 in Fortune 500 | Target Canada wants 200 stores by 2020


“Walmart reclaims Fortune 500 top spot” at Fortune.  “For fiscal year 2012, sales rose 5.9%, to $443.9 billion. Despite relatively strong sales, Wal-Mart must hold onto its U.S. shoppers, which make up 62% of the chain’s net sales.”  See the list:  https://money.cnn.com/magazines/fortune/fortune500/2013/snapshots/2255.html?iid=SF_F_River


“Target Announces Soft Opening of 24 Stores in Western Canada”  “Target is pleased to announce the soft opening dates for its first stores in Western Canada, including 22 locations opening on May 7 and two locations opening on May 14. The soft openings include stores in British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba and follow the opening of 24 stores across Ontario. As previously announced, Target plans to open 124 stores across Canada throughout 2013.”  Read more:  https://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/latest.jsp?resourceid=6794016&access=EH


“Target Canada Wants 200 Stores by 2020” by Mario Toneguzzi at Calgary Herald.  ““Ultimately we think we can be at least a 200 store retailer (in Canada) and we sort of said we can do that by 2020. Once we get through, I think it’s an unprecedented launch of a brand new company with 124 stores in one single year, we’ll take a deep breath and then we’ll continue onward and look for more opportunities from a real estate perspective.”  Read more:  https://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Target+stores+open+Calgary+Tuesday/8343292/story.html


“Walmart’s dazzle fizzles for Massmart investors” at Business Day Live.  “It has been more than a year since global retailer Walmart rode into South Africa after fighting tooth and nail to take the controlling share of Massmart. But, despite promises, consumers and investors have yet to reap the benefits…Now, Mr Gilmour has a different take. “I am profoundly disappointed. I am stunned,” he said, referring to the dearth of lower sustained prices and slower growth in the group.  Mr Gilmour still believes the retailer is capable of “revolutionising” food retailing, especially through better importation of private label products but he believes political fear is holding it back”  ”  Read more:  https://www.bdlive.co.za/business/retail/2013/05/05/walmart-s-dazzle-fizzles-for-massmart-investors


“Home Depot call center ahead of schedule, plans to add more jobs” by Scott Wiltsee at Marietta Daily Journal.  “A rise in demand in its online business has put Home Depot ahead of schedule for hiring in Cobb County. The addition of 700 new jobs to the company’s Kennesaw Contact Center, located at 3074 Chastain Meadows Parkway, is nearly complete. “When we opened the center, we projected 700 jobs by 2015,” said Katherine Ellison, spokeswoman for Home Depot. “Now we expect all 700 to be filled by the end of the month.”   Read more:  https://mdjonline.com/bookmark/22459028-Home-Depot-call-center-ahead-of-schedule-plans-to-add-more-jobs-community-after-ESPLOST-approved


“Walmart Survey:  Canadians Say Mom’s Role Is Worth Over $160,000 Per Year”  “Walmart’s survey also asked Canadians who they thought embodied the quintessential TV mom; The Cosby Show’s Clair Huxtable led the poll being named by one in five respondents (21 per cent). Marge Simpson of The Simpsons came in second at 17 per cent. When asked who their mom would be if she was a superhero, 43 per cent said Wonder Woman, followed by The Bionic Woman at 23 per cent.”  Read more:  https://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/latest.jsp?resourceid=6790676&access=EH


“The Next Big Thing in Business: Food” by Steve Tobak at Inc.  “You’d never know the economy is in a slump from the state of the food industry. Specialty food sales in the U.S. alone grew 13 percent to $85 billion in 2012. And Americans consumed a record $34 billion worth of wine last year.  If you’re at all into food (I mean, who isn’t?) and looking for a business, industry, or career to sink your teeth into, look no further. Here are 10 reasons that food isn’t just the way to your heart; it’s the way to your wallet, too.”  Read more:  https://www.inc.com/steve-tobak/the-next-big-thing-in-business-food.html


“Consumer faith in s-commerce (social-commerce) still low – but early signs of changing attitudes (UK Study)” at Internet Retailing.  “27% of social media users look to find ideas and inspiration through their networks, and 43% have ‘liked’ a produce on a brand’s social network page, only 2% say they would trust an online retailer selling through a social media site ahead of those selling through other retail channels.”  Read more:  https://etail.sharedby.co/share/HD4eEq


“Over Two-Thirds of Survey Respondents Are More Worried About What to Buy Mom on Mother’s Day Than What to Buy Dad on Father’s Day”  “The survey revealed what mom would like to receive on her special day: Mom’s top four picks this year are flowers (18%), a spa day (18%), gift cards (15%) and jewelry (15%).”  Read more:  https://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/latest.jsp?resourceid=6790874&access=EH


“Ingles Markets, Incorporated Reports Higher Sales and Income for Second Quarter and First Half of Fiscal 2013”  “The number of customer transactions (excluding gasoline) increased 3.3%, while the comparable average transaction size (excluding gasoline) increased 1.9% compared with the same quarter last year. Ingles operated 203 stores containing a total of approximately 11.0 million square feet at March 30, 2013, and at March 24, 2012.”  Read more:  https://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/permalink/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsLang=en&newsId=20130506005218&div=-1245645151


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