Friday Tipsheet: 8 Worst Things @ T.Joe’s | Lowe’s Lab | Target Mtg: 1 Stroller


“Whole Foods’ CFO dishes on the early days” by Colleen Leahey at Fortune.  “What was the atmosphere like when you first started? We were just about to open stores seven and eight [Richardson, TX, and Palo Alto, CA], so the company was very small. [Co-founder] John Mackey actually did the financial plan on a spreadsheet on one of those Mac computers—what were the first ones called? Those little square television-looking ones.”  Read more


“Why Lowe’s is Working with a Team of Science-Fiction Writers” by Natalie Zmuda at Ad Age.  “Mr. Nel declined to comment on budgets for either the Holoroom or Lowe’s Innovation Labs, though he pointed out that his is a small team of only about 10 people. “We’re small on purpose. We’re focused more on growing our partnerships rather than growing a large bureaucracy of innovation,” he said.”  Read more


“8 Worst Things to Buy at Trader Joe’s” at Kiplinger.  “Whole Foods beat Trader Joe’s price on a gallon of organic milk by a whopping $2.30…both Kroger and Walmart beat Trader Joe’s price per pound on (organic chicken) breasts. The savings was 50 cents per pound on organic chicken breasts at Kroger but a more substantial $2 per pound at Walmart.”  See the List


“Moms Demand Action Protest Draws 12 People at Target Meeting” at Truth Revolt.  “Although it was called the “stroller jam,” Dallas News reported only one woman showed up with a stroller and her granddaughter.”  Read more


“Apple Offers Sneak Peek Inside New Japanese Retail Store Ahead of Opening” by Mikey Campbell at Apple Insider.  “Among the architectural features of Apple’s soon-to-open store is a “green curtain” of foliage that drapes over the rear concrete wall, put in place to cut down on energy needed to cool the box-like structure during the day.”  Read more / See the video


“Wal-Mart tests health care clinics with $4 office visits for its employees” by Maria Halkias at Dallas News.  “Wal-Mart is testing healthcare clinics in three Texas stores that will charge its own employees $4 a visit if they are covered by Wal-Mart’s health insurance.  The charge for everyone else, including customers, is $40.”  Read more


“Grocers sue Vermont over law requiring labels on genetically modified food” by Wilson Ring at Star-Tribune.  “Maine and Connecticut also have adopted GMO label laws, but their laws require neighboring states to follow suit before their requirements go into effect. New York lawmakers are working on a GMO labeling bill, as well. And if it becomes law, Connecticut’s law would automatically take effect.”  Read more


“Green Bay: Mayor’s alternative to Walmart? Downtown baseball stadium” by Scott Cooper Williams at Press-Gazette.  “Schmitt has floated the stadium idea privately to several aldermen and other civic leaders as an alternative to Walmart’s planned retail superstore in the Broadway shopping district.”  Read more


“Sources:  Crafts retailer Michaels looks to long-awaited summer IPO” at Chicago Tribune.  “The U.S. crafts retailer is likely to begin marketing shares to potential investors in the next several weeks, according to the sources, who declined to be named because the matter is private.”  Read more


Britain: “Aldi wins ‘Oscar’ for best grocer” by Sean Poulter at Daily Mail.  “It is the second year in a row that the discount chain, which has led a charge on middle Britain families with the result sales are rising 35 per cent a year.” Read more



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