Friday Tipsheet: Wmart Preps ‘Pickup Grocery’ | Target Likes Annie | Google Drone Delivers Dog Treats


“Walmart ‘Pickup Grocery’ site preps for grand opening” by Kim Souza at The City Wire. “The retailer has named the test format Walmart Pickup Grocery…amid a flurry of activity as the 15,000 square-foot grocery center is being stocked with 10,000 fresh and dry grocery products – everything from cereal, chips and bread to fresh produce, meat and milk. Wal-Mart told The City Wire that several tests will be conducted before the online grocery service opens to the public early this fall. Walmart declined to provide a specific date or share who will be allowed to test the service.” Read more / See the pic


“Wal-Mart Looks Online for Chinese Growth” by Shelly Banjo & Laurie Burkitt at WSJ. “”We’ve taken a long-term view of China,” said Neil Ashe, Wal-Mart’s head of global e-commerce, in an interview. “It’s an awfully big market—it doesn’t have to be number one to be a good business.” Read more


Hollywood Reporter: “Annie-Inspired Target Collection Coming this Fall” by Stephanie Chan. “The 25-piece range, with all items priced under $30, includes Annie’s signature red frock and a heart-shaped locket, as well as pieces featuring elements of patchwork, pins, buttons and tulle, and a DIY kit. The collection is available starting Nov. 16.” Read more


Lowe’s to pay $1.6 million in settlement for mislabeled lumber dimensions” by Scott Morris at Bay City News. “They alleged that Lowe’s sold structural dimension building products that described product dimensions that were not the actual dimensions — incorrectly advertising the length, width, depth or thickness of building materials. In some cases, the inaccurate labeling was because of inaccurate dimensions provided by the manufacturers or other suppliers, according to Marin County prosecutors.” Read more


“Google Building Fleet of Drones to Bypass Earthbound Traffic” by Michael Liedtke at AP via SF Gate. “Although Google expects it to take several more years before its fleet of drones is fully operational, the company says test flights in Australia delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats and water to two farmers after traveling a distance of roughly one kilometer, or just over a half mile.” Read more


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“Is Dollar General really committed to acquiring Family Dollar?” by Jennifer Thomas at Charlotte Bus. Journal. “What hasn’t happened, though, is a new offer from Dollar General or a letter addressing Family Dollar’s concerns to jump-start talks between the dollar-store rivals. “Dollar General has got to make the next move,” says Brian Yarbrough, an equity analyst with Edward Jones.” Read more


“Tacoma Walmart developer sues individual council members for $1.8 million” by Kathleen Cooper at News Tribune. “In addition to the city itself, the lawsuit names individual city council members and 20 unidentified city employees as defendants.” Read more


Germany: Retail Sales Fell 1.4% in July by Emese Bartha at WSJ. “The economic expectations suffered the greatest slump since 1980, GfK said. The group added, however, that this hasn’t had much of an impact on the propensity to spend.” Read more


“Screen-obsessed Teens Threaten Apparel Retailers” at NY Times via CNBC. “It’s definitely more exciting for a lot of teenagers to have a new phone that can do lots of cool stuff than clothing,” said Nicole Myers, 19, a model in New York who emerged from an Apple store on Monday with a new iPhone that cost about $200. “A phone keeps you much more entertained. It’s a better distraction than clothing.” Read more


“Home Depot go-to guy with cerebral palsy celebrates 20 years” by Philip Morgan at Tampa Bay Times. “He has had a lot of experience: Last Friday marked his 20th anniversary as an employee of the Carrollwood Home Depot. “I’ve only been at this store for two months,” manager Jim Burgett said, “and sometimes I’ve got to rely on him to show me where something’s at.” See the video / Read more



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