Furner @ GMA | ABC Tracks WM/Target Bags | Skelly’s Big Day


Tractor Supply Q1 comp sales +1.1% Press release


Amazon aggregator Thrasio loses CEO, other top execs as company works through bankruptcy at CNBC


Home Depot and Walmart US CEOs say ’employers should value skills above degrees’ in WSJ op-ed at Fox Business. “The American dream isn’t dead, but the path to reach it might look different for job seekers today than it did for their parents,” Decker and Furner wrote. “While a college degree is a worthwhile path to prosperity, it isn’t the only one.” Read more


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…President and CEO of Walmart US, John Furner, appears on Good Morning America at ABC. “ABC News’ Alexis Christoforous interviews (Furner) on hiring people without college degrees, self-checkout process and keeping prices low.” Video


O’Reilly Automotive Q1 comp sales +3.4% Press release


Plastic bags from Walmart US recycling bins tracked to controversial plastic facilities in Southeast Asia at ABC News. “The investigation began more than 18 months ago, when ABC News and nine of its affiliated and owned stations secured 46 digital tracking devices to plastic bags and deployed them at Walmart and Target store drop-off recycling bins across 10 states…” Read more


Detroit Kroger employee recognized for brightening everybody’s day at CBS. 2:20 video


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Supermarkets and urban grocery concepts are swarming NYC at NY Post. “CBRE group is marketing 42,009 square feet of retail on two levels in the base of Taconic’s new 330-unit apartment building on West 42nd Street…Lon Rubackin of CBRE (said) “If you asked if we would have a supermarket on the site a few years ago, I would not have believed it. They are all fighting for the same spot…” Read more


Foot Locker unveils its new retail concept at its Willowbrook Mall location in Wayne, N.J Press release


Home Depot (and Skelly) already celebrating Halloween at Better Homes & Garden. “On April 25, the start of the six-month countdown, you’ll be able to shop three decor items…Skelly…still retails for $300…5-foot Skeleton Dog, available for $200…Frankenstein’s Monster. Available as a 7-foot-tall animatronic…” Read more


DoorDash/Walgreens team – first platform that enables SNAP customers to make purchases directly from Walgreens using their SNAP/EBT cards Press release


Walgreens to help bring cell and gene therapies to patients as it expands specialty pharmacy services at CNBC. “…will open a newly licensed facility in Pittsburgh dedicated to services for cell and gene therapies. The 18,000-square-foot center will help drugmakers and health-care providers navigate the complex supply chain for those treatments…” Read more


Walmart+ “Moms Answer Moms” Q&A session will feature Paris Hilton Press release


Former Amazon Prime Air employees raise $4.5M for stealthy solar airplane startup at GeekWire. “Thomas said long-duration flights in the stratosphere could offer a “lot of opportunity”…(including) continuous real-time monitoring of weather systems, wildfires or illegal fishing; high-resolution imaging and mapping; mobile cellular service and broadband direct-to-device internet access.” Read more


The 50 Best Bars in North America, According to the ‘50 Best’ List (2024) at bon appetit


Forecast group predicts busiest hurricane season on record with 33 storms at Washington Post/MSN. “The unprecedented warmth in the tropical Atlantic right now — which we expect to persist through the hurricane season — is the dominant driving factor behind our prediction,” Mann said in an email.” Read more


Home Depot wins 2024 Energy Star Retail Partner of the Year Award Press release