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Maersk to decide on Red Sea route today after weekend attack at Reuters. “The container shipping giant on Sunday paused all Red Sea sailings for 48 hours following attempts by Yemen-based Houthi militants to board the Maersk Hangzhou. U.S. military helicopters repelled the assault and killed 10 of the attackers.” Read more


…Iranian warship enters Red Sea after U.S. destroys Houthi boats at CNBC


Where the CEO of Walmart U.S. Seeks Advice at WSJ. “Furner turns to (Univ. of Arkansas professor) Johnson for advice on management challenges …sometimes the two ride bikes together and chat, said Johnson. “I think he thinks of me more as a mentor than I think of myself as a mentor to him,” …(Former Home Depot CEO) Blake…said that if a leader doesn’t directly share thoughts with rank-and-file workers, workers “fill in the void and you won’t like what they fill it in with.” WSJ subs. 


Shipt to pause Seattle operations, blaming recently passed labor laws at GeekWire. “The ordinances aimed at app-based delivery platforms include a 10-cent per-order fee for online deliveries in Seattle starting in 2025, approved by the Council in November. The revenue generated by the fee will help pay for the implementation and enforcement of the City’s “PayUp” gig worker protection laws in Seattle.” Read more


Covid Slashed Consumer Choices. This Is Why They Aren’t Coming Back. at WSJ. “I don’t think any consumer would have noticed we went from 200 to 150” types of Yankee Candle, said Chris Peterson, chief executive of Newell Brands…Coca-Cola over the past few years reduced its brands to 200 from 400, cutting slow-growing as well as declining products…” WSJ subs.


Chinese factory activity slows in December in a third straight month of contraction at AP News


Millennials have found a way to buy houses: Living with mom and dad at Washington Post via MSN. “In 2022, the share of first-time buyers who moved directly from a friend’s or family member’s home and into their own hit 27 percent, according to the National Association of Realtors. That’s the highest share since the group started keeping track in 1989.” Read more


Amazon plans to make its own hydrogen to power vehicles at The Verge. “The electrolyzer will make fuel for around 225 fork lift trucks at the site, although Plug says it has the capacity to fuel up to 400 hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklifts. This is the first time Amazon has tried to make its own hydrogen on site, and it’s not likely to be the last.” Read more


China removes official after video games rules spark turmoil at Reuters. “Beijing cracked down heavily on its video gaming sector in 2021, setting strict playtime limits for under 18s and suspending approvals of new video games for about eight months, citing gaming addiction concerns.” Read more


Clocked-out trade talks will curdle supply of British cheese on Canadian shelves at Financial Post. “Dec. 31 will mark the end of a temporary arrangement in which Ottawa offered London a special quota of cheese that could be imported under low tariffs. While Canadians will still be able to buy Wensleydale, Stilton and Red Leicester, most of it will likely be taxed at a much higher rate.” Read more


Millions of Americans could lose internet aid months before the 2024 election at Politico. “The 56-year-old resident of mountainous Brevard, N.C., started receiving federal aid that helps low-income people pay for broadband internet while she was studying for her bachelor’s degree during the coronavirus pandemic. The criminal justice degree helped her get a job at a local courthouse — and she still receives the aid, which has effectively reduced her broadband bill to $0.” Read more


Academy Sports employees terminated after chasing thief who stole firearm: report at Fox News. “Because we did run out of the building, even though I and the other associate did stay on the sidewalk, it fell under [that] we left the front porch, as they call it,” Sutton explained.” Read more


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