Monday Tipsheet: Instacart’s Part Timers | Loblaws Strike? | Catalina’s Sneak Peek


Amazon Online Audience Doubles Wal-Mart’s by Douglas A. McIntyre at 24/7 Wall Street. “In May, it posted 182 million unique visitors, fourth among all sites in the United States. Wal-Mart Stores…had an online unique audience of 86 million.” Read more


The result of Chicago plastic bag ban: Shopping bags to be sturdier by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz at Chicago Tribune. “When Chicago’s plastic bag ban kicks in Aug. 1, many shoppers accustomed to carting groceries home in those ubiquitous plastic bags will instead walk away with … nicer plastic bags…Walmart has been testing its new ordinance-compliant plastic bags at two of its Chicago stores, and plans to roll them out to its 12 city locations by the end of June.” Read more


Instacart hires grocery shoppers to part-time jobs amid contract-labor disputes by Curt Woodward at Boston Globe. “Instacart, which has relied on contractors to fill and deliver online orders, will now make some of its shoppers part-time employees. The change will be introduced in Boston and Chicago on Monday, and Instacart might expand the practice to its 14 other US markets, the company said.” Read more


Catalina Program Gives Shoppers Peek at Next Week’s Deals by Jack Neff at Ad Age. “Every shopper enrolled in the loyalty programs of participating stores is shown five offers for the week ahead when they check out, using printouts from Catalina’s Checkout Coupon system.” Read more


***A message from Mobee’s ‘Bees’: Mobee has over 350,000 GPS tracked, Smartphone enabled ‘Bees’ located within 5 miles of every US retail store. Detect supply chain issues quickly and remedy the problem immediately.“Supply Chain Fix Alerts” have resulted in post-alert sales increases of up to +35%. How Mobee works videoContact to request a free pilot.


Amazon changes its key formula for calculating product ratings and displaying reviews by Todd Bishop at Geek Wire. “Amazon will give greater weight to newer, more helpful and verified customer reviews (written comments) and ratings (the 5-star system) when determining top reviews to display, and when calculating a product’s overall rating.” Read more


Loblaws workers reject tentative deal, union says its preparing for a strike at The Globe & Mail  Read more


East Ottawa: Costco to relocate to bigger store, and bigger lot at Ottawa Citizen. “With the bulk warehouse store’s pending move to larger quarters — and a larger parking lot — a few blocks north, Costco should no longer need an off-duty police officer to ensure order.” Read more


Twin Cities: St. Paul Port Authority considers Walgreens a ‘home run’ for Macy’s building at Pioneer Press Read more


Wayfair Partners with Country Singer-Songwriter Ashley Monroe on Writer’s Room Makeover  Read the release


Man wearing only Halloween mask and shoes runs through Walmart yelling ‘I’m on fire!’ before dousing himself with milk by Ashley Collman at Daily Mail. Read more / See the pics



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