Monday Tipsheet: Retailers Torched & Looted in Missouri | Target’s Cartwheel Almost Didn’t Happen


Rioters Loot and Burn Ferguson, Missouri Retailers:


“Rioters Burn C-Store to the Ground in Ferguson, Missouri” at Before Its News. “What began as another peaceful vigil this evening in a suburb of St. Louis where Ferguson police shot and killed an unarmed youth Saturday, turned into a scene out of the 60′s Civil Rights era…Quick Trip in Ferguson has just been burned to the ground.” See the pic / Read more


“Ferguson QuickTrip looted, set on fire” at KMOV-St. Louis.  See the video


Tweet via @kodacohen “SWAT troopers raise their weapons as they prepare to enter the looted Family Dollar store”  See the pic


Walmart: Looters fill their cart with home goods at St. Louis Post-Dispatch. See the pic


“Target’s risk-adverse culture nearly sank Cartwheel before it launched a year ago” by Kavita Kumar at Star-Tribune. “Now Cartwheel is being held up within the company as a role model for how the company can move faster and test new ideas in the marketplace in real time instead of getting held up in a boardroom. “Anytime you’re facing change, you have to give people a vision of what you want them to do,” said Jeff Jones, Target’s chief marketing officer. “And you have to give them evidence that it actually works.” Read more


***A message from Orchard Road Canning Co. – Target Millennials to Grow Canning Category Sales. Young female canners are the future of the category and there is untapped potential within this segment.  Orchard Road targets this demographic with a simple and elegant glass jar design and unique package graphics that feature authentic food-filled jars.  See the package designSee the sell sheet. www.orchardroadcanning.comContact for more information.


“Five questions with incoming Canadian Tire CEO Michael Medline” by Hollie Shaw at Financial Post.  “I tend to be pretty results-oriented. You can’t do that without a strong team. Something I preach all the time is velocity — nimbleness. We are a big company in Canada, but we are not the biggest company in the world. We have to be more nimble than the biggest retailers in the world.” Read more


“Retailers Report Earnings En Masse this Week” by Laura Lorenzetti at Forbes.  “Walmart  reports on Thursday. Analysts will be trying to gauge how shoppers are thinking – err, spending. They’re expecting Walmart to report profits of $1.21 a share and $119 billion in sales. Macy’s reports on Wednesday, while J.C. Penney, Nordstrom  and Kohl’s report on Thursday.” Read more


“Amazon blocks pre-order of Disney DVDs” by Ian King at Bloomberg via Chicago Tribune. “ blocked the pre- order option of Walt Disney hit movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and other titles in disk form, repeating a tactic used in disputes with publisher Hachette and Warner Bros.” Read more


“Palo Alto mulls chain-store ban on main drag” by Lauren Hepler at Silicon Valley Bus. Journal.  “The Peninsula tech mecca is evaluating a ban on chain stores of all types on the commercial strip on the South side of the city, which is currently being redeveloped to cut down on cars and encourage pedestrian traffic.” Read more


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