Monday Tipsheet: Wegmans #2 in Work/Life | Amazon 1Hr in Chicago | Breaches, Spoiled Milk & Lawyers


Amazon Prime Now launches 1- and 2-hour delivery in Chicago by Meg Graham at Chicago Tribune. “The service — already available in Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, Manhattan and Miami — will roll out to additional cities in 2015, the company said.” Read more


Man Who Helped Target Stabbing Victim Retains Lawyer After Target Files Lawsuit by Harold Hays at CBS Pittsburgh. “Attorney Todd Hollis says he will represent Turner. “Target should be ashamed of themselves,” says Hollis. “Here, this gentleman acts courageously to save the life of a young lady who can’t protect herself.” Read more / See the video


NY Times: CVS and Walmart Canada Are Investigating a Data Breach by Hiroko Tabuchi. Read more


…Costco too via Palm Beach Post. Read more


The 25 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance (Wegmans #2, Costco #25) by Kathryn Dill at Forbes. See the top 25 list


Etsy can thank Google for surging 38% by Ari Levy at CNBC. “Developers like Etsy are really seeing a boost in traffic as a result of deep linking,” Kordestani said on the call. And that was enough to lift Etsy’s market value by more than one-third.” Read more


Wegmans customers say milk spoiling too quickly by WHEC News 10. “Pat Smith says he’s been happening for a month now. “You’re making your cup of coffee, you’re pouring your kids cereal. You go to pour it out and you got chunks in your food. It’s disgusting.” See the video / Read more


***A message from Mobee’s Bees: Mobee has over 350,000 GPS tracked, Smartphone enabled ‘Bees’ located within 5 miles of every US retail store. Detect supply chain issues quickly. “Supply Chain Fix Alerts” have resulted in post-alert sales increases of up to +35%. How Mobee works video. Contact to request a free pilot.


UK: Supermarkets are ‘misleading shoppers’ with confusing promotions at The Telegraph. “The findings are a slap on the wrist for Britain’s leading supermarkets, which include Tesco, Asda, J Sainsbury and Wm Morrison.
The CMA has called for supermarkets to end the practice of running “was/now” promotions where the discounted price is advertised as a promotion for longer than the higher price was applied.” Read more


Amazon Preps Fresh Grocery Delivery Launch in U.K. by Jason Del Rey at Recode. “Multiple sources tell Re/code that Amazon is prepping to launch the Amazon Fresh service in the U.K. this year, where it will encounter a competitive grocery delivery market that is more mature than that in the U.S. “ Read more


Forbes: To Move Walmart To Costco’s Wage Model Would Destroy 700,000 Jobs by Tim Worstall Read more


How Chicago lured Kraft Heinz downtown by Greg Hinz at Chicago Crain’s. “The story involves a high-level courtship that goes back more than three years, repeated contacts in the sometimes clubby corporate world and, despite reports to the contrary, some discussion about possible tax incentives…” Read more


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