Tipsheet: Costco Nailed for Knockoffs | Ex-Best Buy Exec to Angie’s List | Walmart’s Slow Load Time


Costco sold counterfeit Tiffany engagement rings-U.S. judge by Nate Raymond at Reuters. “Despite Costco’s arguments to the contrary, the court finds that, based on the record evidence, no rational finder of fact could conclude that Costco acted in good faith in adopting the Tiffany mark,” (Judge) Swain wrote…Under the ruling, Tiffany may now take Costco before a jury to seek damages, including a recovery of Costco’s profits from the sale of the diamond rings and punitive damages.” Read more


…Read Tiffany’s Press Release


Macy’s and Best Buy partner to test consumer electronics departments inside Macy’s by Maria Halkias at Dallas Morning News. “The Best Buy licensed shops will be about 300 square feet….the 10 stores will be in various markets across the U.S. but haven’t been chosen yet. The space will be staffed by Best Buy employees and they will sell smartphones, tablets and smart watches, audio devices (including Bluetooth speakers and headphones) and accessories (including cases, chargers and other peripherals) from Samsung and other brands.” Read more


Macy’s says it will close 35 to 40 stores in early 2016 via Star Tribune. “Macy’s said Tuesday it hasn’t selected all of the stores that will be closed yet. It expects the locations will have about $300 million in combined revenue.” Read more


Supermarket chain Haggen files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Shan Li at LA Times. “Analysts say the chain underestimated its competition and failed to anticipate the many alternatives Californians have when it comes to grocery shopping.” Read more


These start-ups don’t think mattress shopping has to be so terrible by Sarah Halzack at Washington Post. “Each sells just one mattress that it believes is comfortable for most people. And their technology allows them to cram the mattress into a box that looks too small to contain something two adults can sleep on. That, in turn, lets them ship it to you on the cheap.” Read more


Costco Has Fastest Mobile Load Time (Walmart the Slowest) by Matt Linder at Internet Retailer. “The disparity was even greater for, which loaded 5.4 times slower on desktop than Apple (6.418 seconds) and 5.5 times slower on mobile (10.149 seconds) than Costco.” Read more   See the top 16 list via Dynatrace


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PetSmart Expands Overnight Delivery to Chicago and Midwest Market Read the release


‘Fast-fashion’ retailer Primark set to open first US store in Boston by Taryn Luna at Boston Globe. “The company started in Ireland, where its stores are known as “Penneys,” in 1969. It now operates more than 291 stores in nine countries. Based in Dublin, it’s known as a “fast-fashion” retailer, selling high volumes of popular styles at extremely low prices.” Read more


Best Buy Canada hosts first-ever Best Buy Life & Tech Wearable Tech Expo and Fashion Show Read the release


Google to Start Testing Grocery Deliveries This Year by Brian Womack at Bloomberg. Read more


…Google Express Delivery Service Drives Into Middle America by Mark Bergen at Recode. “On Tuesday, Google announced it is adding overnight delivery to five Midwestern states and will begin testing same-day grocery delivery in two cities.” Read more


Home Depot #2 in Radio at Radio Ink. “From the Media Monitors weekly spot count, GEICO held on to its number one spot airing 36,718 commercials last week. The Home Depot moved up two slots to number two with 34,761.” Read more


Bath & Body Works to End On-Call Scheduling by Lauren Weber at WSJ. Read more (Subscription)


Could Beauty Products Be Korea’s New Export Engine? by Jiyeun Lee at Bloomberg. “Overseas sales for the cosmetics industry rose 73 percent this year through July, compared with a 4.9 percent decline for all industries.” Read more


Amazon finally stops selling the Fire Phone by Tricia Duryee at GeekWire. Read more


The Tiny Town That Hates Elon Musk by Lauren Etter at Bloomberg. ” If they happen to be picking up groceries past a designated “point of no return,” forget about going home…”I’m like, ‘Are you out of your mind?’” said Cheryl Stevens, 55, who settled in Boca Chica Village a decade ago in search of quiet, rustic beauty. “It’s like Nazi Germany.” Read more


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