Tipsheet: Mall of America Stabbing | WM Online Prices Higher | Worker @ Costco Can Sit


Multiple people stabbed at Mall of America in botched robbery by Chris Perez at NY Post. “It happened around 6:45 p.m. (Sunday) in the men’s department of Macy’s, which is not far from the mall’s Santa Experience. What started as simple robbery attempt quickly escalated into a violent, multi-victim incident after the would-be thief was caught stealing from two men inside a fitting room.” Read more


Now Featured on Wal-Mart’s Website: Higher Prices Than Stores by Sarah Nassauer at Wall Street Journal. “The higher online prices are part of Wal-Mart’s efforts to nudge more customers into stores as well as raise its e-commerce margins by offsetting the cost to ship orders to homes. A $1.28 box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese could cost a big retailer around $10 to ship from Chicago to Atlanta, depending on how remote the buyer’s address is, according to a cost analysis by consultants Spend Management Experts.” Read more (subs.)


Target CEO Q&A by Anne D’Innocenzio at AP via Denver Post. “If you shop beauty today, we have someone there that can help you, who understands the category, that’s there to assist you and make a decision. In apparel, there’s someone who can put together an outfit for Friday night…We’re seeing stability and improvements in food and beverage and a big uptick in produce. We now have produce experts.” Q&A


Why the CEO of Wish spent more than $30 million to sponsor the Los Angeles Lakers jersey by Jason Del Rey at Recode. “More than half of Wish’s business come from shoppers living outside of the U.S., but Los Angeles still accounts for more sales than any other metro area.” Read more


Veterans recognized by Wal-Mart Stores by Kim Souza at Talk Business. “Sam’s Club CEO John Furner welcomed 104-year-old U.S. Navy veteran Jim Downing to Bentonville Friday at the retail giant’s annual Veteran’s Day event held at its headquarters…Downing is believed to be the second-oldest survivor of the attack on Pearl Harbor…Downing said he helped fight the flames and will never forget his fellow servicemen in water, covered with oil and burning.” Read more inks deal with Telaflora by Lisa Fickenscher at NY Post. “( has been quietly adding products like fresh food, wine and hotel booking services — and now flowers — with an eye towards launching a premium membership program, founder and chief executive Chieh Huang told The Post.” Read more


Target unveils first store with new design at Houston-area location by Jen Para at Houston Business Journal. 34 pics/Read more


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Jack Link’s opening its first store by Dan DeBaun at Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal. “Jack Link’s is opening its first retail store, called Wild Side, inside the skyway level of the recently renovated Target Center…(CMO) Dixon said. “I don’t necessarily see it as something everywhere, but you think about places like Vegas, New York, Orlando, these are definitely places that we think we can create this same sort of concept.” 8 pics/Read more


Millennials really love Christmas music by Richard Morgan at NY Post. “Music aficionados aged between 18 to 34 now account for a whopping 36 percent of holiday music fans — a chunk that’s more than 40 percent larger than the corresponding pool of Christmas-jingling baby boomers, according to a study by Nielsen.” Read more


Amazon has already made changes to its new try-before-you-buy Prime Wardrobe service by Jason Del Rey at Recode. Read more


‘We’re not lazy, we’re old’: 71-year-old worker at Costco wins right to sit on the job at CBC News. “When Gourdeau decided to bring his own bench from home, he said he was told by management to either get rid of the bench or go home. “So I took my bench, and I got the hell out of there,” he said. “I didn’t quit, I came back. They didn’t fire me.” Read more


Target pulls fidget spinners over lead concerns by Sean Rossman at USA Today. Read more


This Robot Swarm Finishes Your Grocery Shopping In Minutes by Jesus Diaz at Fast Company. “Could Ocado one day license its tech to other e-commerce companies working with the same challenges? The company says it’s already doing that with Morrisons, one of the big four chain of supermarkets in the UK.” Videos/Read more


American Girl opening new NYC flagship store with salon, café by David Schuyler at Milwaukee Business Journal. Read more


Why Millennials Crave Cold Coffee by Julie Jargon at Wall Street Journal. “U.S. retail sales of refrigerated ready-to-drink coffee rose 29% in the 52 weeks ended Sept. 10 to more than $289 million, according to market researcher IRI.” Read more (subs.)


Dollar General is expanding in rural Midwest, presenting a threat to small-town grocery stores by Barbara Soderlin at Omaha World-Herald. Read more


Coming to a Theater Near You: Subscriptions, Toys and Downloads by Anousha Sakoui at Bloomberg. Read more


“Mr. Costco” dies after long bout with cancer by Denis Cuff at East Bay Times. “He wore tropical-themed shirts and Superman socks emblazoned with little capes. “If Arlie saw a child in danger of traffic in our parking lot, he would run out to protect them even if he put himself at risk,” said Ken Wooten, the Danville store manager. “I told him he had to watch out.” Read more


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