Tipsheet: Retail Sales +17.7% | Bezos Willing to Testify | Hy-Vee/DSW Rolls


US May retail sales surge 17.7% in the biggest monthly jump ever at Reuters. “U.S. retail sales were expected to rise 8.0% in May, after plunging 16.4% the prior month…” Read more | Census bureau data


US industrial production bounces back 1.4% in May after plummeting a record 12.4% in April at AP. Read more


Walmart buys tech from Carezone to help people manage their prescriptions at CNBC. “CareZone, which got its start in 2010, develops apps to help people manage their medicines. It also built technology for users to scan insurance cards and prescription drug labels, making it easier to figure out what’s covered by their health plan or to organize a home delivery.” Read more


Former eBay security director arrested for harassing journalist with live cockroaches at The Verge. “Six former eBay employees have been charged with a bizarre stalking campaign against an e-commerce newsletter…That included shipping the pig mask, a box of cockroaches, another box of fly larvae and live spiders, pornography, a book on “surviving the loss of a spouse,” a sympathy wreath from a local florist, and a “preserved fetal pig”…” Read more


America’s 50 Best Wine Retailers at Wine Enthusiast. Lists


Amazon’s Bezos willing to testify in House antitrust probe at Politico. “But the letter added, “Of course, we will need to resolve a number of questions regarding timing, format, and outstanding document production issues, all necessarily framed by the extraordinary demands of the global pandemic.” Read more


**A message from SPS Commerce. Are you leaving unused open-to-buy dollars on the table? When you’re constantly calling and emailing vendors to check on orders, it’s impossible to accurately determine order status or how much outstanding budget you have. Video overview | Website


Amazon is launching cameras that can detect if warehouse workers are following social distancing rules at TechCrunch. “The system is displayed on a 50-inch monitor. It’s not exactly immediate feedback that technology might be able to provide with, say, a haptic wearable. Instead, it’s designed to serve as a visual reminder for workers to keep their circles green by maintaining the appropriate social distancing.” Read more


The 2020 Top Women in Grocery: Susan Morris @ Albertsons at Progressive Grocer. Interview


Trader Joe’s says it will reopen Seattle CHAZ store and pay workers at Seattle Times. “Would-be customers who showed up Monday to find the store closed seemed to side with the workers — hardly a surprise in this ultra-liberal neighborhood. Some said the timing of the closure — just after employees asked to attend Black Lives Matter protest — would earn the company heavy public criticism.” Read more


Coupang is crushing Amazon to become South Korea’s biggest online retailer at Star Tribune. “Coupang’s logistics investments have paid off, as 99.3% of orders placed on its site are delivered within one day, the company said. Coupang now delivers 3.3 million items each day, up from an average of 2.2 million units per day at the end of 2019.” Read more


Hy-Vee now selling DSW shoes in latest fashion partnership at Star Tribune. “In August, designated store-within-a-store sections ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet will replace the small displays. The Brooklyn Park Hy-Vee will get the first designated DSW section, and about 10 more stores will get the section later this year.” Read more


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