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Sam’s Club C.E.O. on the Company’s High Sales and Low Wages at NY Times. “How have people’s shopping habits changed over the past year? We have seen periods that we called “carbs and calories,” where people would just buy up pizza, ice cream, potato chips. It was almost like they were looking for indulgence in food that they couldn’t get through experiences outside of the home. We’ve certainly seen a resurgence in people nesting and home improvement, yard improvement, outdoor entertaining. People are like, “How do I make my home my castle?” Read more/Q&A


Low tips, long waits – DoorDash takes on drivers’ Walmart gripes at Reuters. “After her day job, DoorDash driver Kat Ensey, 53, makes money delivering sandwiches and sodas outside of Chicago. Bringing Walmart orders to shoppers’ homes is less profitable, she said…(DoorDash) promised “there are more changes on the horizon” pertaining to its relationship with Walmart, though it did not specify what those are.” Read more


How a former Target intern became one of America’s most successful Black women at CNBC. “(Caroline) Wanga started at Target in the “most non-strategic way possible.” After getting pregnant at age 17, she dropped out of college to raise her daughter Cadence. It was the first major disruption in her life, especially troublesome for her parents, who both have doctorates, but it was far from a life-altering setback.  “That particular moment is actually the theme of my life in a very interesting way,” Wanga says. “After that happened, I became indignant that this wasn’t going to end my plan to success.” Read more


Amazon-backed Deliveroo aims for $12 billion market cap in biggest London debut in a decade at Reuters. Read more


Ikea France going on trial over illegal spying claims at AP News. “One accusation alleged that Ikea France used unauthorized data to try to catch an employee who had claimed unemployment benefits but drove a Porsche. Another says the subsidiary investigated an employee’s criminal record to determine how the employee was able to own a BMW on a low income.” Read more


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How Pinduoduo Beat Alibaba to Become China’s Top Shopping Site at Wall Street Journal. “Though Pinduoduo’s annual revenue of $9.1 billion remains a fraction of Alibaba’s $72 billion from its last fiscal year, it almost doubled relative to 2019, cementing the Shanghai-based company’s status as the first challenger to loosen Alibaba and Inc.’s stranglehold over Chinese online consumption.” WSJ subs.


Bed Bath & Beyond debuts new store brand Nestwell at USA Today. “It’s the first of eight new store brands that will be released through February 2022…”It’s the biggest change in our product assortment in a generation,” Joe Hartsig, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Bed Bath & Beyond, said in an interview with USA TODAY about the new brands.” Read more


FTC fines Amazon work-from-home scammer $2 million at The Verge. “Randon Morris and several companies he ran conducted robocalls to promote the fake work-from-home opportunities, the FTC said, and they promised people they contacted that they could earn hundreds of dollars a day. As part of the scheme, the companies falsely claimed to be affiliated with Amazon.” Read more


White man pleads guilty to hate crimes in deadly Kroger store shooting at NBC News. Read more


Amazon driver quits, saying the final straw was the company’s new AI-powered truck cameras that can sense when workers yawn or don’t use a seatbelt at Business Insider. “Insider reported in February that Amazon was equipping all delivery vehicles with AI camera systems called Driveri, manufactured by a company called Netradyne. The cameras are always on and scan drivers’ body language, the speed of the vehicle, and even drowsiness. The system then uses “automated verbal alerts” to tell drivers if a violation has been detected.” Read more


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