Tipsheet: Target: Cornell Iview & Test Cafes | Jet’s 9+ Day Delivery | ACLU Targets Amazon Workers


One year in: Brian Cornell says he’s here to stay as tries to modernize Target by Kavita Kumar at Star Tribune. “There’s just change, change, change,” said one longtime employee…Cornell and other executives have also been clear that the next round of layoffs will be in the technology services department, which has been relatively immune to reductions thus far. “I don’t think there are any secrets about it around town,” he said.” Read more


Interview: NYT reporter Jodi Kantor on the Amazon story, and what she would have asked Jeff Bezos by Todd Bishop at Geek Wire. “I would have wanted to tell him the stories of the employees who all felt like they were going to be replaced by younger people who could work harder. Those were both mothers, who were told directly by their bosses, and also men, a lot of men at the company at the company are really concerned about this, and ask him what his response would be.” Read More / Listen to Iview


Walmart CEO Doug McMillon posts $25 million gift on Instagram by Jen Wieczner at Fortune. “As the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches next week, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon used his personal Instagram account on Friday to announce a $25 million donation to support global disaster response efforts.” See the Instagram post / Read more


At test Target cafes, hot dogs out, salads in by Hadley Malcolm at USA Today via CNBC. “Starting in October the company will roll out a new cafe concept—fast-casual chain Freshii will go into nine stores, while Pizza Hut will open restaurants in three stores featuring a limited menu of “artisan” pies, such as margherita and barbecue chicken. Two Minneapolis stores will get outposts of D’Amico & Sons.” Read more


Is Amazon Considering Ditching the $299-a-Year Fee for Its Fresh Grocery Delivery Service? by Jason Del Rey at Recode. “Amazon could be pushing back the free trial dates because it hasn’t built up enough demand in these areas to start charging for the service. Or it could want to give itself more time to gather results from the new pay-per-delivery option in California before potentially rolling it out in other markets.” Read more


Google Express workers join union by Matt O’Brien at Mercury News. “The 151 workers employed by Google contractor Adecco will be joining the Teamsters Local 853, the same union that has organized shuttle bus drivers who ferry tech workers to and from their jobs at Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, eBay, Zynga and Genentech.” Read more


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ACLU calls on Amazon employees to talk to them ‘to explore the possibility of legal representation’ by Jacob Demmitt at GeekWire. “The American Civil Liberties Union took out a full page ad in Friday’s Seattle Times, asking Amazon employees “who believe they were unlawfully penalized” for family leave issues to contact them “to explore the possibility of legal representation.” Read more


I placed the same order at Amazon, Jet and Wal-Mart. Here’s how they did by Sarah Halzack at Washington post. “Jet easily won on price…Jet’s rookie status really showed. The ibuprofen from the newcomer arrived lightning-fast, showing up on my doorstep a little more than 24 hours after I placed my order. But I am still waiting for the batteries, nine business days later.” Read more


Inside the Design Lab That’s Getting Target’s Tar-Zhay Back by Ashley Rodriguez at Ad Age. “Target’s product design and development team artfully primps and styles the space, located on the 26th floor. They’re readying it for a walk-through with CEO Brian Cornell, who was caught peeking at the merchandise earlier in the week. “[Brian] is incredibly passionate about product,” said Julie Guggemos, senior VP-product design and development. “He is naturally curious. He’s always walking the floor.” Read more


Washington Post: Gap is promising you cuter clothes by spring by Sarah Halzack. ““I’m not going to stand up at the plate and call which fence we’re going to hit it over,” (CEO Art) Peck said. “That’s not who I am. But I’m confident that Gap will make significant progress in spring and very pleased with what I’ve seen in the women’s assortment and the turnaround in the women’s assortment.” Read more


Alice Walton Reflects by Alexis Hosticka at Arkansas Business. “As the daughter of the founder of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, Alice Walton was well immersed in the business world, but not pressured to follow her father’s footsteps. Walton said that her mom would remind her that she had made straight A’s in high school, while her father would say that making B’s was OK, too.” Read more



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