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The head of Amazon’s marketplace has lost most of his authority amid internal shake-up at CNBC. “Peter Faricy, the vice president of the Amazon Marketplace and a 12-year company veteran, currently has no direct reports except for his assistant, according to an internal document viewed by CNBC. Many of the functions previously overseen by Faricy or his former boss, Sebastian Gunningham, who joined WeWork in March, appear to have been reassigned to executives in Amazon’s retail group, led by Doug Herrington.” Read more


Walmart-Advent deal gets Brazil antitrust nod at Reuters. Read more


‘Target Run’ campaign showcases retailer’s new delivery services by Adrienne Pasquarelli at Ad Age. “We’re evolving the campaign to highlight the new ways [consumers] can choose to complete their Target Run, how, when and where it’s best for them,” said Rick Gomez, executive VP and chief marketing officer at Minneapolis-based Target, in a statement. “At its core, it’s a campaign designed to help our guests make the most of their day.” TV Spot/Read more (Tiered subs.)


UPS reached a handshake contract deal with Teamsters negotiators on Thursday at Fortune. Read more


Williams-Sonoma CEO: Even Amazon sees the benefits of having physical stores at CNBC. “We’re testing all sorts of things” including partnering with bloggers, emailing videos to customers and hopping aboard the wildly popular recipe-video trend using Williams-Sonoma appliances, (CEO Laura) Alber said.” Read more


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The Container Store insiders said they plan to begin selling shares by Maria Halkias at Dallas News. “The prospectus includes Green Equity Investors, which owns…56.5 percent of the company, and three executives: chairman and co-founder Kip Tindell (3.5 percent), CEO Melissa Reiff (2.2 percent) and president and chief merchandising officer Sharon Tindell (3.8 percent).” Read more (Tiered subs.)


The Company Beating Amazon in Grocery Delivery by Stephen Wilmot at Wall Street Journal. “Kroger’s agreement with Ocado barred the U.K. company from sharing its technology with other U.S. retailers. But startups are also trying to rethink the online grocery supply chain. Mr. Ladd thinks one of the most promising is CommonSense Robotics, an Israel-based company seeded by former Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt.” Read more (Subs.)


EU slaps stiff tariffs on US jeans, motorcycles, bourbon in rebuff to Trump trade policy at USA Today. Read more


YouTube introduces paid subscriptions and merchandise selling at CNBC. “YouTube has also partnered with custom merchandise company Teespring to let creators sell their own merchandise directly through the platform…this feature would only be available to U.S.-based creators with more than 10,000 subscribers.” Read more


Postmates Wins New York Ruling Finding Couriers Not Employees by Joel Rosenblatt at Bloomberg. “The appeals court panel in a 3-2 decision on Thursday said a courier fired by Postmates isn’t entitled to unemployment insurance benefits.” Read more (Tiered subs.)


Trump’s Fix for Postal Service: Privatize It by Jennifer Smith at Wall Street Journal. “Privatizing the Postal Service would provide greater freedom to raise prices and negotiate pay and benefits, according to the White House’s proposal. A private postal operator could cut costs by delivering mail fewer days a week and to more centralized locations.” Read more (Subs.)


‘Stranger Things’ caused an Eggo boom. Now sales are waffling at CNN Money. “For the four weeks ending May 19, Kellogg’s frozen waffles, pancakes, and French toast sales grew just 1.3% from a year earlier, according to Nielsen. That’s a steep drop from the 9.4% average growth for Eggos during the first four months of 2018, and 14% jump during the fourth quarter of 2017.” Read more


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