Tipsheet: Wmart Open Call ‘Sold Out’ | Circuit City is Back (Almost) | ‘Grandpas Boycotting Target’ | Macy’s Next CEO Hints


Pride merchandise is growing business for Target and Macy’s by Kavita Kumar at Star Tribune. “…this is the fifth year Target has sold pride merchandise. The first two years, the items were available only online. This year, they were sold in about 100 of Target’s 1,800 stores…At 70 of its 700 stores around the country, Macy’s has put up prominent “pride + joy” displays this month…The retailer has been carrying pride merchandise for about a decade.” Read more


Next Tuesday: Walmart’s buyers have almost 800 meetings slated for its ‘Open Call’ by Kim Souza at The City Wire. “Michelle Gloeckler: ‘We had to close down registration this year a couple of days early because we sold out time slots. These are 30-minute meetings with buyers from, Walmart Marketplace, Sam’s Club and Walmart stores. We are using every conference room we have at home office, the apparel building and at Sam’s Club’. Read more


Macy’s Next CEO Hints How He Plans to Shake the Retailer Out of Its Sales Slump by Phil Wahba at Fortune. “It will build on its licensing model and will lease more space in its 800-plus department stores to outside specialty retailers and add to its in-store experiences…Introducing The Finish Line stores to Macy’s locations has been a big hit for the retailer in part because the retailer hadn’t been “credible in the athletic footwear arena,” says (Incoming CEO Jeff) Gennette” Read more


Wall Street Likes Best Buy’s New CFO, but Can She Help Best Buy? by Brian Sozzi at The Street. “Overall we were impressed with Corie Barry’s knowledge of the business, and we believe she will be a good fit to carry on what has been a very management-driven investment story,” proclaimed Credit Suisse analyst Seth Sigman in a note Thursday after having lunch with Barry, Best Buy’s CEO Hubert Joly, and former CFO Sharon McCollam.” Read more


Kroger details plans for downtown culinary institute by Steve Watkins at Cincinnati Business Courier. “We believe this will further establish Cincinnati as a hub for the food industry,” (CEO Rodney) McMullen said. “It’s nice this is in Cincinnati. The food scene here is kind of fun.” He pointed to startup restaurants in the city and venture capital investing in some of those business. The latter is something Kroger might partner with, he said.” Read more


Circuit City closer to Dallas debut; just launched online with Amazon by Maria Halkias at Dallas Morning News. “Circuit City has hired CBRE in Dallas to find a 6,000-to-9,000-square-foot “perfect spot” in one of the top Dallas shopping areas, said Circuit City CEO Ronny Shmoel…The store is going to be bigger than originally idea of a 2,000 to 4,000-square-foot store, so the layout and design is still in the works.” Read more


Wal-Mart Labor Group Asks Retailer to Sit Out of GOP Convention by Shannon Pettypiece at Bloomberg. “The group Making Change at Wal-Mart sent a letter to CEO Doug McMillon on Thursday asking the country’s largest private employer to speak out against Trump’s “racist, misogynistic, anti-veteran, and Islamophobic” remarks. If Wal-Mart doesn’t respond by next week, the organization is planning protests at its stores and Trump’s properties.” Read more


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Dollar General Settles Coupon Glitching Case via Coupons in the News. “Cory McNeley filed a federal lawsuit last year, claiming that Dollar General fired him after he blew the whistle on an $8 million coupon scam.” Read more


Australia: Woolworths extends hardware discounts as auction heats up at Financial Review. “The stakes are becoming increasingly desperate for Woolworths and former joint venture Lowe’s as the July 4 deadline for final bids for Masters and Home Timber and Hardware draws near…Bunnings is said to be seeking to buy about 20 Masters stores and Harvey Norman seven or eight, but Woolworths is reluctant to sell to its arch rivals.” Read more


Amazon rises to No. 2 electronics retailer (passes Walmart) by Mark Reilly at Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal. “Best Buy…saw its market share slip slightly to 22.7 percent…Amazon, meanwhile, has a market share of 17 percent, up from 6.3 percent in 2010.” Read more


Tampa: Police say Walmart program is reducing arrests, but one Council member is not satisfied by Christopher O’Donnell at Tampa Bay Times. “Walmart is still keeping Tampa police busy but a diversion program for people shoplifting items worth less than $25 is helping to reduce arrests and calls for police assistance…It’s designed to give a break to first-time shoplifters by letting them take a class on retail theft and pay restitution rather than face criminal charges.” Read more


Thank this NBA draft pick for making ‘Shout out to J.C. Penney’ a new closing phrase in sports by Maria Halkias at Dallas Morning News. “A “shout out to J.C. Penney” was heard by millions of fans watching the NBA Draft. It was a good night for the Plano-based department store chain Thursday on TV and social media. That phrase is what Minnesota Timberwolves NBA Draft pick Kris Dunn said after showing off his JF J. Ferrar suit at the end of an emotional interview.” Read more


‘Ecstatic’ shoppers flock to Burbank for grand opening of Walmart Supercenter via LA Times. “There were more than 150 people crowding the front entrance of the discount retailer’s newest facility…During a preopening ceremony… Patel and other Walmart and community representatives stood on a stage made out of Pepsi and Crush soda cases and plastic pallets.” Read more / See the pics


Barnes & Noble to sell booze in some stores by Lisa Fickenscher at NY Post. “In October, the first such store will open in Eastchester, NY, a leafy Big Apple suburb in in Westchester County. In the new stores, customers will be able to sit at a bar stool, be served by a bartender or sit at a table and order from a full menu covering breakfast, lunch and dinner. That store will also have a outdoor fire pit and a bocce court.” Read more


“Grandpas Boycotting Target” sit in rocking chairs at parking lot entrance to Target store by Jody Brown at One News Now. “Mike Deaton, one of organizers of the Lake Charles demonstration, reports the group received “many high-fives” from passing motorists. “Some actually stopped … to ogle the signs,” he adds.” See the pics / Read more


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