Today’s Tipsheet: Target Had Quiet Talks w/Labor | Wmart Heir $27B Poorer | Mall’s ‘Politically Correct’ Display Mocked


By Jason Long,


Target had quiet talks with labor on Minneapolis workplace rule by Adam Belz at Star Tribune. “The company’s involvement, which until now hasn’t been disclosed, reflects Target’s concern about what shape future scheduling rules will take. While the rule would have affected only a few hundred Target employees — at three regular Target stores and one Target Express in the city — it could have influenced the national discussion on workers’ rights, which affects the retailer because it must deal with the costs of varying work rules across the country.” Read more


Fortune: CEO Rosalind Brewer explains what the company is doing to bring millennials into its stores See the video


NY Times: On Screens and in Windows, Lowe’s Gives (and Gives, and Gives) How-To Help by Martha C. White. “Lowe’s hired Spaeth Design, the firm responsible for many of New York City’s iconic holiday window displays, to build a pair of life-size dioramas that mirrored the “stop motion” animation style of the Vine series…” Read more


Target stores look different these days—and that’s because Target has become a vastly different company by Sarah Halzack at Washington Post. “It really, I think, occurs when moms have their first child and begin to become almost zealots for, ‘Alright, what’s in the product that I’m serving my child?’ ” said Cornell during an interview at the company’s Minneapolis headquarters. “We see rapid shifts from conventional to organic baby food, but then it continues across category. Lite, diet, lean, fat-free, have been now viewed as code for, ‘there’s a lot of artificial ingredients there.’ Read more


Pico Rivera Wal-Mart reopens seven months after closing amid labor dispute by Samantha Masunaga at LA Times. “Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said in a statement that the repairs, along with “extensive” renovations and upgrades, are now complete.” Read more


PA: Shoppers go bananas at Wegmans opening by Xerxes Wilson at Delaware Online. “This is the Disney Land of grocery stores,” said one woman as she plowed through a chaotic gauntlet of awed shoppers knocking shopping carts between snapping selfies with produce….” See the video / Read more


**A message from Orchard Road Canning – Decorative Series lids bring innovation to the home canning category. Orchard Road’s Decorative Series delivers three distinct designs: Wild Daisy, Fruit and Gingham. See the designs here. Contact for program information.


$500,000 for Chicago Whole Foods project came from national crowdfunding by Mary Ellen Podmolik at Chicago Tribune. “$500,000 of the $15 million project came via crowdfunding, from 61 investors in 21 states, and was raised in just two days this fall. It’s a small amount to be sure, but the rapid success surprised crowdfunding platform Fundrise as well as DL3 Realty.” Read more


Apple’s iPad Pro to go on sale Wednesday at Reuters. Read more


Apple Retail Workers’ Class Action Suit Dismissed by Dawn Chmielewski at Recode. “The hourly retail workers were asking to be paid for the time spent waiting for a manager or security guard to search their bags before they left the Apple store for meal breaks or at the end of the day.” Read more


A Wal-Mart heir is $27 billion poorer than everyone thought at Bloomberg via Financial News. “That makes the grandson of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton US$5.5 billion richer than his 66-year-old mother, and the fourth- wealthiest member of the Walton family. His net worth is higher than the likes of Google executive Eric Schmidt and money manager John Paulson.” Read more


BJ’s Wholesale Club unveils midtown Charlotte store by Jennifer Thomas at Charlotte Business Journal. See the 30 pics / Read more


Mall’s ‘politically correct’ Christmas display is so bland that it offends shoppers and has to be taken down by Hannah Parry at Daily Mail. “Scores of customers complained after Roosevelt Field Mall, in New York, ditched its annual holiday village in favor of a winter-themed ‘glacier’ instead. Many mocked the futuristic display as something that would look more at home on the set of Star Trek than as Santa Claus’ grotto.” See the pics / Read more


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