Today’s Tipsheet: Walmart’s $10 Billion in E-commerce | Millionaires Shop at Costco & Walmart Too


“How Costco saves taxpayers money” by Eleanor Bioxham at Fortune.  “Paying well ultimately saves Costco money. The company gets tons of applications and can afford to hire selectively. And it also doesn’t incur the high costs of turnover that other companies must deal with. In fact, turnover at the company runs just 10% overall for hourly workers and 6% if they stay longer than one year, he told me. Those figures are miniscule compared to overall turnover rates of 67% for part-time staffers and 24% for full-timers, according to statistics from the Hay Group.”  Read more:


“Wal-Mart ups the ante to $10 billion in e-commerce sales in fiscal 2014” by Kevin Woodward at Internet Retailer.  “The updated forecast, disclosed by Michael T. Duke, president and CEO of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., at the retailer’s annual shareholder meeting last week, is fueled by organic growth and the retailer’s investment in China’s Yihaodian, an online retailer that Wal-Mart bought a controlling interest in last year, a Wal-Mart spokesman says. Yihaodian is No. 42 in the Asia 500.”  Read more:


“Whole Foods talks to local vendors (in Tallahassee)” at  “The Greater Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce assembled 22 vendors from around the Panhandle and South Georgia for an introduction with Whole Foods representatives. Companies such as Sweetbay Soaps of Monticello and Grassroots Coffee of Thomasville were invited to the Coton Colors giftware office on Centerville Road to present products and learn more about the major grocer.”  Read more:


“Consumer Reports Index: Americans’ Financial Woes Fall to Lowest Level in Four Years”  “The Consumer Reports Index, an overall measure of Americans’ personal financial health, shows Americans are reporting significantly fewer financial troubles. The Index’s trouble tracker measure fell sharply to 34.0 from 41.7 a month earlier—the lowest level since the organization first measured it in April 2009.  The Consumer Reports trouble tracker has dropped more than 50 percent from its high-water mark in September 2009”  Read more:


“Bob Marley’s son creates gourmet coffee company” by Heather McPherson at Orlando Sentinel.  “Marley Coffee, a sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted gourmet coffee founded by Rohan Marley, is sourcing beans from around the world, including Ethiopia, Central America and Jamaica. The coffee is sold in Winn-Dixie, Whole Foods Market, BI-LO stores.”  Read more:,0,


“Walmart and Costco attract millionaires because rich people like good deals” at  “The new poll, performed by Ipsos, found that most wealthy people actually spend more time in low-end bargain shops than pop culture would have us believe.  “The results show that three quarters (72%) of the millionaires interviewed have shopped at Walmart in the past 12 months, placing it ahead of other major retailers in Canada such as, The Bay (70%) and Sears (54%),” the poll reads.”  Read more:


“Who’s Driving The Shopping Cart This Father’s Day? Dads Making More Household Purchasing Decisions”  “52 percent of fathers indicate they are the primary grocery shoppers in their households. And even if they’re not driving the shopping cart, dads are more involved in household purchases than ever before: more than one-in-three (35%) moms report dads’ influence on grocery store purchases is on the rise.”  Read more:


“Sam’s Club Launches 25-City Small Business “Boot Camp” Series” at Sacramento Bee.  “Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Brewer announced the launch of a collaborative program supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs in 25 cities – the Grow Your Business Boot Camp series. The hands-on training seminars are backed by a funding commitment of $500,000 from Sam’s Club.”    Read more:


“Shopko Announces Plans for 5 New Hometown Stores”  “The stores, located in Afton, Wyoming, St. Peter, Minnesota and Winneconne, Ellsworth and Tomahawk, Wisconsin, are expected to open in late fall 2013.”  Read more:


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