Today’s Tipsheet: Wmart E-com Pages Not Loading w/Ad-Block App | BJ’s CEO Joins Board | Wgreen Fills Manually | Target’s New Fix It Exec


Apple’s ad-blocking move causes big problems for Walmart, Walgreens, Bass Pro & more by Dan Primack at Fortune. “A Fortune investigation shows that an iPhone enabled with Crystal — the top paid iOS app right now – is unable to fully render the e-commerce sites of many major retailers, including Walmart, Sears and Lululemon.” Read more


Target hires new executive to help fix fundamentals by Kavita Kumar at Star Tribune. “Previously (Anu Gupta) was vice president for process and profit improvement at Michaels, the arts and crafts retailer, from 2008 to 2013 and held a leadership role at grocery chain Safeway for three years before that.” Read more


Walgreens pharmacists have filled prescriptions manually since Tuesday due to computer outage by Robert Channick at Chicago Tribune. “The system is gradually being restored, but thousands of Walgreens pharmacies remained offline as of Thursday afternoon, (Jim) Cohn said.” Read more


BJ’s Wholesale Club CEO Joins EMC Board of Directors by Arik Hesseldahl at Recode. “Laura J. Sen, 59, is the CEO of retail giant BJ’s Wholesale Club and will be EMC’s 13th director…Sen will be the second woman on the board, joining to Jami Miscik, president of Kissinger Associates. Sen is a 26-year veteran of BJ’s and has been its CEO since 2009.” Read more


Fortune’s top 40 under 40 list (Jason Buechel, CIO Whole Foods #11, Apoorva Mehta, Instacart #23…) See the top 40 list


Life as an Amazon bicycle courier: Steep hills and even steeper expectations by Jacob Demmitt at GeekWire. “Everywhere (Amazon is) losing money and everywhere they’re trying to cut costs by cutting staff,” he said. “Basically, they’re making the entire day a stress situation and then going back to management and asking why the Perfect Delivery Rate isn’t higher.” Read more


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Bed, Bath & Beyond Q2 Comp Sales +0.7% Read the release


Harvard Business Review References Target & Home Depot in ‘Apology’ Study by Maurice E. Schweitzer, Alison Wood Brooks & Adam D. Galinsky. “The best apologies show candor. They leave no room for equivocation or misinterpretation, and they make absolutely clear that the organization acknowledges both the harm that was caused and its own responsibility.” Read more


Pier 1 Imports Q2 Comp Sales +2.5% Read the release


Haggen plans to close more than 100 stores, exit Pacific Southwest market at Puget Sound Business Journal. Read more


Detroit grocer offers free ride home at SF Gate. “We’re only racist toward one color,” Gappy says, which is followed by an uncomfortably long wait for the punch line. Finally, he says with an enormous gotcha smile: “It’s green! The color of money.” Read more


Kroger Names Scot Hendricks President of Delta Division Read the release


U.S. economy showing signs of recession, analysts say by Jonathan Ratner at Financial Post. “J.P. Morgan economist Jesse Edgerton (said) in a new report – Based on the current levels of those variables…the chance of a recession within two years is as high as 40 per cent, rising to 66 per cent within three years.” Read more


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Target & Lowe’s CIO’s fly to India to meet startups ahead of PM Modi’s Silicon Valley visit

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Study: Americans eat all day long

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