Tuesday Tipsheet: Amazon Stops Funneling | France: Illegal to Dump Food | Jet.com ‘a little immature’


Amazon to stop funneling European sales through low-tax haven by Mark Scott at NY Times via Seattle Times. “The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, is also investigating whether Apple and Amazon receive unfair state support through low-tax agreements in Ireland and Luxembourg, respectively, where the companies run their European operations.” Read more


Sneak Preview: What it’s like to shop on Jet.com, the startup that’s gunning for Amazon by Tricia Duryee at Geek Wire. “Selection, in general, is probably the biggest ding on Jet’s shopping experience. Then again, some people might find Amazon’s thousands of options per item daunting, so I can see where people might appreciate the limited selection, too.” Read more


Wal-Mart presses meat suppliers on antibiotics, treatment at Dallas Morning News. “That means asking meat producers, egg suppliers and others to use antibiotics only for disease prevention or treatment, not to fatten their animals, a common industry practice. Experts say Wal-Mart is the first major retailer to take a stance to limit the use of the antibiotics.” Read more


How Target Corp’s demise in Canada could be a gain for Lowe’s by Hollie Shaw at Financial Post. Read more


Boy picking out prize for riding without training wheels gets bike stolen at Walmart by Carol Robinson at AL.com. “The boy, he said, wasn’t happy. “He was mad,” Jones said. “He just kind of clammed up. He didn’t say much.” That changed when Jones and other officers took him back inside and bought him a new bicycle, with a few extra bells and whistles, or in this case, lights. “He’s happy now,” Jones said.” Read more


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Proposed $19 million data breach settlement between Target and MasterCard is voided by Kavita Kumar at Star-Tribune. “The setback for Target and MasterCard was met with cheers by the lead plaintiffs’ attorneys in a federal lawsuit against Target brought by smaller banks who have denounced the proposed settlement as too little relief. They have called the settlement “laughable”. Read more


France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food by Roberto A. Ferdman at Washingon Post. “The European country’s parliament voted unanimously for the new law, which will force grocers to either donate the food to charity or make sure that it is used as animal feed. “It’s scandalous to see bleach being poured into supermarket dustbins along with edible foods,” Guillaume Garot, a former food minister who introduced the bill, told the legislature Thursday evening.” Read more


From the aisles of Costco, Frank Fiorina attempts to humanize his wife by Ben Terris at Washington Post. “This is really weird, you guys,” he told his entourage while picking up a 30-pack of double-ply Kirkland-brand toilet paper. He was a regular at the store, but this was the first time he had gone shopping in service to political journalism. “I don’t know how long you want this to go on, but usually I can do my shopping pretty quick.” Read more


Amazon taking direct aim at Etsy with new marketplace for hand-crafted goods by John Cook at Geek Wire. “We’re offering artisans like you a first peek at Handmade, a new marketplace for handcrafted goods,” according to an email that the Journal obtained that was sent to Etsy sellers.” Read more



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