USA Today Rips Pharmacies | Top 200 Inventions ’23 | T.Supply -0.4%


U.S. GDP grew at a 4.9% annual pace in the third quarter, better than expected at CNBC. “The chain-weighted price index, which takes into accounts changes in consumer shopping patterns to gauge inflation, rose 3.5% for the quarter, up from 1.7% in Q2 and higher than the Dow Jones estimate for 2.5%.” Read more


Tractor Supply Q3: Net sales increase of 4.3% / Comp store sales decline 0.4% Press release


UPS to Acquire Happy Returns, a Leader in Reverse Logistics Press release


Time: The 200 Best Inventions of 2023 Read more/List


America’s broken pharmacy system in revolt over burnout and errors at USA Today. “USA TODAY interviewed four dozen current and former retail pharmacists from different chains across the nation and spoke with industry leaders, patient advocates and patients harmed by pharmacy errors…also reviewed more than 100 emails from chain pharmacists sharing their concerns; inspected internal emails, text messages, metric score sheets and coaching notes; and listened to more than five hours of recorded conference calls.” Read more


NRF: Retail theft is the worst in these 10 US cities at The Hill

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Oakland/San Francisco, California
  • Houston, Texas
  • New York City, New York
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sacramento, California and Chicago, Illinois (tied)
  • Denver, Colorado; Miami, Florida; and Albuquerque, New Mexico


Retailers, Prosecutors Unite to Fight Retail Crime “Since its debut in September, National Store Walk Month has paired retailers with district attorneys’ offices for 80 store walks to discuss shared challenges and solutions to tackling retail crime and violence.” Press release


Amazon’s focus on speed, surveillance drives higher warehouse worker injuries, study finds at CNBC. “Nearly 70% of Amazon employees who participated in the survey said they’ve had to take unpaid time off due to pain or exhaustion suffered on the job in the past month, while 34% have had to do so three or more times.” Read more


Lululemon’s Founder Is Racing to Cure the Rare Disease Destroying His Muscles at Bloomberg. “For decades, Chip Wilson has been facing a form of muscular dystrophy. Now the notoriously unfiltered billionaire is spending $100 million to cure it.” Bloomberg subs. 


Amazon’s new generative AI tool lets advertisers enhance product images at TechCrunch. Read more


Mike Rowe, infant catheter to relieve gas, part of Walmart Open Call at Talk Business. “Walmart hosted more than 600 potential suppliers at its 10th annual Open Call event on Tuesday (Oct. 24) at its corporate offices in Bentonville. Included were several suppliers like Proud Source Water and Beyond Green compostable cutlery, who landed previous deals.” Read more


Long Misunderstood, Baked Beans Are Busting Loose at WSJ. “Kraft Heinz began selling frozen pizza topped with baked beans in the U.K. last year…The pizza, says Heinz, is part of its Beanz Liberation campaign to free beans from the can. Other efforts include stuffing baked beans into frozen hash brown potatoes and combining baked beans with parsnips, carrot and spices to form curry-flavored nuggets, currently available in the U.K.” WSJ subs.


Costco’s 157-piece Le Creuset cookware deal has social media users sounding off at Fox. “In a now viral X post garnering over 21.5 million views, a finance and tech content creator announced that Costco sells a “Le Creuset 157-piece Ultimate Cookware Set” for $4,499.99.” Read more