Wednesday Tipsheet: Breastfeeding Moms Praise Target | Wmart China Ecom CEO Out | Prime Downer?


St. Paul: TargetExpress prepares for Highland Park opening by Kavita Kumar at Star Tribune. “The 16,000-square-foot store in St. Paul is a bit smaller than the 20,000-square-foot one in Dinkytown. And it will cater more to families than college students. So instead of fan gear, this store has small baby, sporting goods and toy departments.” Read more  See Pics 


NRF: Back-to-school spending expected to drop 9% by Phil Wahba at Fortune. “After loading up on expensive electronics in 2014, consumers are likely going to cut back on spending in that category, shelling out about $207.27 per person, down from $243.79.” Read more


Amazon customers not happy with initial Prime Day selection by Taylor Soper at Geek Wire. “We’ll see if the reaction changes as the day progresses, but for now, the initial response doesn’t seem great.” See the Tweets


…Deals Overview from Amazon Read the release


CEO, chairman quit Wal-Mart’s China e-commerce firm Yihaodian at Reuters. “Yihaodian co-founders, Chairman Gang Yu and CEO Junling Liu have announced they are leaving Yihaodian,” Walmart said in a statement, adding that it is recruiting other leaders.” Read more


***A message from Mobee’s Bees: Mobee has over 350,000 GPS tracked, Smartphone enabled ‘Bees’ located within 5 miles of every US retail store. Detect supply chain issues quickly. “Supply Chain Fix Alerts” have resulted in post-alert sales increases of up to +35%. How Mobee works videoContact to request a free pilot.


Why Breastfeeding Moms Are Praising Target by Caroline Bologna at HuffPo. “Nursing support group Breastfeeding Mama Talk posted the image on its Facebook page, where it received nearly 40,000 likes and was shared over 15,000 times. “This is why I love Target!!!” mom Laci Crawford commented. “Good work to them for getting it right and training their staff properly on this,” added Hazel Ip.” Read more


CVS Health chief: Consumers care more about wallet than health by Leena Rao at Fortune. “Consumers have a lot more skin in the game then they did a year ago,” (Helena) Foulkes said Tuesday during a roundtable discussion at Fortune’s annual Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen, Colo.” Read more


Australia: Here’s why consumers are choosing Aldi over Woolworths and Coles by Sue Mitchell at Sydney Morning Herald. “As Aldi and Costco move into the mainstream, they appear to be having an impact on what consumers look for in a supermarket,” said Morgan Stanley analyst Tom Kierath.” Read more


What You Can Get for Free If Your Amazon Prime Delivery Arrives Late by Chris Taylor at Reuters via Time. Read more


Target Kicks Off Back-to-School Season With a New Class of Kids via A Bullseye View.  Read more / See the video


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