Wednesday Tipsheet: Iview w/Target’s Canada Boss | PETA Hits Harris Teeter | Wmart Experiments


Target’s New Canada Boss, Mark Schindele, Sits Down for Interviews…


“New head of Target Canada plots his course to a turnaround” by Marina Strauss at Globe & Mail. “It makes me feel terrible where we’re disappointing our guests [customers] where we have an empty shelf,” Mr. Schindele said in an interview on Tuesday at the Toronto office of the retailer’s public relations firm, decorated in Target’s trademark red and white hues. “We see less of that than we have in the past but we know we still have work to do.” Read more


“Target Canada president aims to ‘reset’ supply chain, improve pricing to win over Canadians” at Reuters via National Post.  “We’re now unwinding some of the decisions we made that were based on speed.” Schindele said that Target was too ambitious when it launched starting in March 2013. “If I could build a time machine and go back, we would’ve liked to have a slower approach,” Schindele said in an interview with The Canadian Press. “It was too much in too short a window. Our biggest issue (was) that we needed more time.” Read more


“Wal-Mart more willing to experiment as it strives to keep up with online retailers” by Anne  D’Innocenzio at AP via StL Post-Dispatch. “Wal-Mart thought shoppers would like the opportunity to use a smartphone app to scan items they want to buy as they walk through store aisles…But customers couldn’t figure out how to work the “Scan & Go” app during tests in 200 stores, so Wal-Mart nixed it. Instead of looking at the app as a failure, though, Wal-Mart took what it learned from “Scan & Go” to create another service.” Read more


“Harris Teeter denies PETA allegations about abuse at dairy” by Ely Portillo at Charlotte Observer.  “The animal rights group released a video of what it says are cows forced to live in filthy, manure-soaked pools of their own waste. But Harris Teeter, a subsidiary of the Kroger Co., said it double-checked with its dairy supplier and doesn’t receive any milk from the farm in question.” Read more


“Personalization and Subscriptions are Changing Retail” by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  “Long said subscriptions seems to be more suited to niche areas and he does not believe the sales lost to subscription services are enough to move the needle backward at big box retailers. He adds that Costco and Sam’s Club could risk key impulse sales in their club if they bought too heavily into the subscription arena.” Read more


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“A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Altuzarra’s New Target Collection” by Kristin Tice Studeman at  “Though the Altuzarra customer profile might not align with the typical Target shopper, and vice versa, the designer says there is a meeting point for the two. “In a way, it’s a different audience, but you are still talking to women who have very busy lives, and they want clothes that don’t hinder them but that work for their lifestyles.”  See the video / Read more


“ builds brick-and-mortar presence with card-swiping device” at CNBC.  “ unveiled a $10 credit-card reader and mobile app for brick-and-mortar businesses on Wednesday, marking the latest step by the U.S. online retailer to expand its presence in the physical world.” Read more


“Walmart Reports Earnings Tomorrow – Downward Trend Expected to Continue” at Forbes.  “Revenue is projected to be $118.98 billion for the quarter, 2% above the year-earlier total of $116.95 billion. For the year, revenue is projected to roll in at $486.82 billion.” Read more


“Macy’s fined nearly $1 million after decapitation of factory employee” by Caitlin Owens at Chicago Tribune. “In addition to paying the fine, Macy’s must also conduct an audit of balers and compactors at its California stores and distribution centers, which must be approved by the district attorney’s office.” Read more


“Twitter users can expect to see more video ads” by Robert Faturechi at LA Times.  “Video is an incredible storytelling medium,” Twitter said in its statement. For now, companies will be able to pay per view, only getting charged when users start playing their promoted videos.” Read more


“Target to Sell Entrepreneur’s Game that Teaches Kids to Code” by Rachel Lerman at Puget Sound Bus. Journal.  “It was a simple idea. Dan Shapiro needed something fun to do with his four-year-old twins one weekend last summer while his wife was out of town. So, the serial entrepreneur created a board game to teach his kids how to code. His kids loved it and Shapiro realized he was on to something.” Read more



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