Wednesday Tipsheet: Target CEO Iview | Wmart’s New IT Plan | HBR’s Top 100 CEO’s (Bezos #1)


“Target puts focus back on ‘cheap-chic’ with eye on winning back holiday shoppers” by Phil Wahba at Fortune. “If we go back during the last few years, during those recessionary periods, we probably played harder on the ‘pay less’ side than on the ‘expect more’ side, ” Brian Cornell, Target CEO since August, told Fortune. “We’re going to continue to focus on bringing that balance to life.” Read more


….Faux Fur Vest for Under $35 by Matt Townsend at Bloomberg. “At a design studio in Manhattan, Kathryn Tesija, executive vice president of merchandising, highlighted the goods that the company expects will win back shoppers this Christmas. There were $20 hand-sewn pillows, a faux fur vest for less than $35 and an exclusive collection of items from feel-good shoe brand Toms.” Read more


“Target to offer free shipping for online orders through holidays” by Kavita Kumar at Star-Tribune. “Starting Wednesday, Target will offer free shipping on any online purchase — no matter the size — through Dec. 20. In doing so, Target is taking an aggressive stance early on in the holiday season. Typically, retailers require a minimum purchase amount before shipping becomes free.” Read more


Harvard Business Review: The Best-Performing CEOs in the World (Jeff Bezos #1)  See the Top 100 list


“Wal-Mart Changes the Way it Prioritizes IT Projects” by Rachel King at WSJ. “Wal-Mart is in the midst changing the way it prioritizes information technology projects and funds them by channeling all IT projects through the office of its CIO. The idea, which hinges on the flexible application of IT talent, is to eliminate duplication of IT projects, make sure the company’s goals are met and use resources as efficiently as possible, said Mark Tallman, the Wal-Mart employee who created the plan.” Read more (Subscription)


“Family Dollar meets FTC’s request for additional info tied to $8.5B Dollar Tree deal” by Jennifer Thomas at Charlotte Bus. Journal. “Family Dollar continues to believe, based on its discussions with the FTC staff, that the FTC review of the Dollar General tender offer will continue well into 2015, ” the statement says.” Read more


“USA Today Speaks with Target CEO Brian Cornell” by Hadley Malcom.  See the video / Read more


“Big, bad Amazon” at The Economist. “The digital economy does present some very tricky market power questions, and regulators will have their hands full in coming decades managing them. Probably best for them to stay out of this battle for now.” Read more


“Taylor Swift Previews New Song in Target Commercial” by Thomas Chau at Pop Crush. “Taylor Swift and Target have teamed up to give Swifties a taste of a new song titled ‘Never Go Out of Style’ that will be on the ’1989 (Deluxe Edition)’ available exclusively in Target stores beginning on Oct. 27.”  See the 30 second spot


“Home Depot #1 in Radio Ads Last Week (Rite Aid #3)” at Radio Ink.  “The home improvement big box nudged GEICO from the top spot by airing 319 more commercials, according to Media Monitors.” Read more


“Sneak-Peek Inside Publix’s 3rd Charlotte Location (See the British Section)” by Jennifer Thomas at Charlotte Bus. Journal.  See the 17 pics


“Target Closes Day Two at World MasterCard Fashion Week” “Day two of World MasterCard® Fashion Week in Toronto ended with a bang tonight thanks to Target’s 42-model ensemble, led by none other than the beloved bull terrier mascot, Bullseye.” Read the release



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