Wednesday Tipsheet: Wmart’s Dress Code | H.Depot Message | CVS New Name


“Walmart Workers Rant About the “Nonsense” New Dress Code” by Hamilton Nolan at Gawker. “The Walmart employee who sent us this information told us, “I believe Walmart is placing yet another financial burden upon the workers…I do hope that media attention will cause the company to either set up a hardship fund to help us pay for this, or even better, do away with it all together.” Read more


“CVS Stops Tobacco Sales Today, Changes Name To Reflect New Era” by Bruce Japsen at Fortune. “The move to remove tobacco products effective this morning coincides with a company decision to also change its corporate name to CVS Health (CVS), from CVS/Caremark Corp. to reflect “its broader health care commitment” and desire to change the future health of Americans.” Read more


Study: Walmart Beats Dollar Stores on Price by Jillian Berman at HuffPo. “A typical basket of goods at Walmart is about 4 percent cheaper than the same basket at Dollar General and about 12 percent cheaper than the same basket at Family Dollar, according to a pricing survey in Pikeville, North Carolina, conducted by Wolfe Research.” Read more


“Moms-oriented zulily goes for the pitter-patter of little tweets” by Angel Gonzalez at Seattle Times. “The 27-year-old was promoted from receptionist after her funny emails warning people about illegally parked cars and book sales caught management’s eye.“We have a theory that we want you to prove wrong,” Gay says the executives told her. “Twitter doesn’t work for us.” So Gay was handed the keys to the account.” Read more


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“How Tom Brady led Jim Cramer to Home Depot” by Lee Brodie at CNBC. “I like to think of Tom Brady as more of a Home Depot player; like Brady, Home Depot just delivers and delivers. It’s a pocket passer with incredible consistency,” Cramer said. In other words, when you draft a quarterback, you’re look at leadership, and Cramer says Home Depot is a leader in many ways.” Read more


“What’s next in Family Dollar acquisition saga?” by Jennifer Thomas at Charlotte Bus. Journal. “It would be insane if Dollar Tree made its initial offer, faced some resistance from Dollar General, then walked away,” says Dutch Fox, vice president and equity analyst at FBR Capital Markets & Co.” Read more


“Home Depot reportedly hacked by data thieves who hit Target — but this one could be bigger” at Minn./St.Paul Bus. Journal. “The Home Depot breach may date back to late April, which potentially could make it a much bigger heist than Target’s data breach, which lasted a few weeks. Home Depot did not say how many many stores were affected.” Read more


…Home Depot Releases Statement via Website “For now, you should know the following: First, you will not be responsible for any possible fraudulent charges.  The financial institution that issued your card or Home Depot are responsible for those charges should we confirm a breach…” Read the statement


“A Carrot Company Is Using Junk Food-Style Marketing To Change The Way Kids Eat” by Adele Peters at Fast Company. “The data shows that fruit and vegetable consumption is down 7% in the U.S. over the last 10 years. We’re not doing well on that ledger.” See the pics / Read more



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