Friday’s Tipsheet: Amazon Sls Jump 30% in NA | Wmart CEO Interview in China | Costco/Sam’s Ignoring Gen Y?


“Amazon Revenue Jumps 24%” by Greg Bensinger & Michael Calia at WSJ.  “In its core North American market, Amazon sales climbed 30% to $9.5 billion.  For the third quarter, Amazon narrowed its loss to $41 million, or 9 cents per share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $274 million, or 60 cents per share, a year earlier.”  Read more


“Walmart CEO Mike Duke’s Exclusive Interview with BizAsia” at  “The retail giant’s CEO Mike Duke told BizAsia exclusively that this plan represents the company’s fresh efforts in exploring new business opportunities in China’s urbanization plan.”  See the video


“Ignoring Gen Y May Be Costco & Sam’s Achilles’ Heel”  by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  ““My concern for the clubs is that if they rely on Gen Y to reach these life stages later in life, it might be too late,” Altukhaim said. “At what point does a club membership become irrelevant when you’re dealing with a generation that already skews higher toward, for instance, Amazon and its Prime memberships.” Read more


“Target’s Rough Ride In Canada Will Persist In The Near Term” at Trefis.  “Target had about 68 stores operational in Canada at the end of the second quarter of fiscal 2013. Although the initial response was good, the company isn’t doing too well in terms of customer satisfaction. According to a survey conducted by Forum Research, only 27% of the customers polled were “very satisfied” with their experience at Target.”  Read more


“Wal-Mart Now Has More Solar Than 38 U.S. States; Drink!” by Tom Randall at Businessweek.  “Solar power and keg stands have one thing in common: Wal-Mart wants to profit from them.  In the race for commercial solar power, Wal-Mart is killing it. The company now has almost twice as much capacity as second-place Costco. A better comparison: Wal-Mart is converting more sun into energy than 38 U.S. states.”  Read more


“After Jumping the Gun Last Year, Target Pushes Back Holiday-Campaign Launch” by Natalie Zmuda at Ad Age.  “A year ago the retailer caught flack from consumers for launching its first holiday spot in mid-October. That ad, which focused on its Red Card branded credit card, featured an upbeat tune with the chorus, “Are You Ready?”  “We learned last year we just went too soon,” said Jeff Jones, chief marketing officer at Target. “Even though it wasn’t an overt commercial about Christmas products, people interpreted it that way.” Read more


“Cabela’s to Open 3 New Stores; Wants 67+  by 2015”  Cabela’s announced today plans to bring the extraordinary Cabela’s retail experience to three new markets – Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada; Garner, N.C.; and Sun Prairie, Wis.”  Read more


“Schnucks Grocery agrees to proposed settlement over data breach” by Kavita Kumar at St. Louis Post Dispatch.  “The aggregate cap that Schnucks would pay on the above claims would be $1.6 million…Furthermore, Schnucks would pay: up to $10,000 for each related identity theft loss, with the total capped at $300,000; up to $635,000 for the plaintiff and settlement attorney’s fees; and $500 to each of the nine named plaintiffs in the lawsuit.”  Read more


“Amazon’s Seattle biodome campus clears design board” by Chris O’Brien at LA Times.  “A Seattle city review board has given the thumbs-up to an ambitious and unusual biodome design proposed by Amazon as part of its new downtown campus.”  See the pictures


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