Monday Tipsheet: Costco Likes Google (For Now) | Wmart CEO = Broad Mandate | Buy D. Gen Ex-CEO Home


“Costco CEO flew to Google’s California campus to meet Google CEO Larry Page before agreeing to participate in the Google Shopping Express program” by Jason Del Ray at re/code.  “Costco CFO Richard Galanti also met with execs at Google on a separate trip…ongoing suspicion that Google could eventually build an Amazon-like marketplace in which the search giant sells products directly to shoppers and cuts out brick and mortar retailers altogether…“Google may be in a position to go to Procter & Gamble and say, ‘Why would you give [marketing] dollars to Target when you can just give them to us…” Anderson said.” Read more


“Google Has A $500 Million Warchest To Stop Amazon’s Plan For The ‘Showrooming Of Groceries’ “ by Jim Edwards at Business Insider.  “Amazon’s plan to do to lettuce what it already did to books just got a little bit more complicated now that Google Shopping Express is on the scene.” Read more


“Walmart Mexico Same-Store Sales Down .2% in June” by Anthony Harrup at WSJ.  ” Analysts had been expecting sales related to the soccer World Cup under way in Brazil to partially compensate for the month having one less Saturday. Adjusted for the negative calendar effect, June same-store sales rose 1.8%.” Read more


Target’s Molly Snyder on Firearms Flap:  “It is not a ban – there is no prohibition.” by Kavita Kumar at Star-Tribune.  “Some gun-rights advocates embraced that distinction as a victory…“It was a very shrewd move on Target’s part because they were tired of being beat up on social media by a very well-funded PR campaign,” said Andrew Rothman, president of St. Paul-based Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. “The Bloomberg organization tried to bully Target into taking a political stance. But those demands from New York City were not answered. This is a request.” Read more


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For Sale:  Former Dollar General CEO’s Home for Only $98,000…Per Month by Steve Raabe at The Denver Post.  “The home is breathtaking, with a price to match. How much? If you have to ask, chances are it’s out of reach. But for the record, the listed price is $18.37 million. Furnishings and artwork included.”  See the Pics / Read more


“Amazon Shuffles Execs in China” at China Tech News.  “Doug Gurr will replace Steve Frazier as the new president of Amazon China. Meanwhile, Frazier will be transferred back to the Seattle headquarters and continues to work as global vice president of the international business unit.” Read more


“Walmart CEO McMillon Sees Broad Mandate at Investor Meeting” by Antoine Gara at The Street via Dallas News.  “McMillon’s comments came at a special meeting Wal-Mart held with stock analysts and institutional shareholders on Wednesday, which Credit Suisse said was the company’s “first coordinated investor relations outreach in memory.” The meeting wasn’t webcast and doesn’t appear on Wal-Mart’s calendar of events on its investor relations page.” Read more


“Kroger just got an edge in coming online battle with Amazon, analysts say” by Steve Watkins at Cincy Bus. Courier.  “Kroger plans to buy for $280 million in cash… cranked out $383 million in sales last year and sells 45,000 products online. It’s small by the standards of Kroger’s $100 billion in annual sales, but it’s big in the world of online sales, ranking among the 100 largest e-commerce retailers.” Read more


“Home Depot drops plan for San Fran store” by J.K. Dineen at SF Gate.  “I am glad that we were able to beat this back – it was an ill-conceived plan from the beginning,” she  said. “The store as proposed was too large and had too much parking. This is an urban area. We have bike safety issues and pedestrian safety issues.” Read more


“Target’s just not that into Bellevue (WA)” by Marc Stiles at Puget Sound Bus. Journal.  “On Thursday, Target spokeswoman Kristen Emmons issued a statement: “Bellevue is a great community for Target, and we enjoy serving guests at our Factoria store. After careful consideration, we have determined that, at this time, other opportunities within the community are not the right fit for Target.” Read more


“Cabela’s set to open second Georgia store in August” by Christopher Seward at Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Bass Pro Shops had a head start in opening stores in Georgia. Bass Pro has one location in metro Atlanta, in Lawrenceville, and stores in Savannah and Macon. Another Bass Pro location is planned for Emerson at the LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center near near Lake Allatoona.” Read more


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