Monday Tipsheet: Sears ‘Culture of Losing’ | Deloitte on Digital | SkyMall Losing


“The $1.5 trillion opportunity retailers overlook” by Krystina Gustafson at CNBC.  “By the year’s end, Deloitte predicts $1.5 trillion, or 50 percent, of all in-store sales will be influenced by digital devices.  “The fact is, traditional retailers are leaving too much money on the table and are allowing strictly online retailers to capture a growing share of revenue that could be theirs,” the study said.” Read more


“A Walmart Fortune, Spreading Charter Schools” by Motoko Rich at NY Times.  “In effect, Walton has subsidized an entire charter school system in the nation’s capital, helping to fuel enrollment growth so that close to half of all public school students in the city now attend charters, which receive taxpayer dollars but are privately operated…The foundation has awarded more than $1 billion in grants nationally to educational efforts since 2000, making it one of the largest private contributors to education in the country.”  Read more


“SkyMall loses its captive audience” by Hugo Martin at LA Times.  “SkyMall lost $3.2 million in May through September of 2013, the only period reported in detail by its new parent company, Xhibit Corp., an Arizona marketing firm.  Analysts warn that SkyMall must modernize or join the Montgomery Ward and Sears catalogs on the scrap heap of retail history.”  Read more


“Retailers get creative with Pinterest to boost sales” by Mae Anderson at AP via Denver Post.  “A report last week from software company Adobe found that year over year, revenue per visit, or revenue from sending users to retail sites through ads, social-media pages or brand posts, is 65 cents at Pinterest, 62 cents at Twitter and $1.24 at Facebook.”  Read more


“Walmart Gives Texas Boy An Awesome Surprise After Learning His Good Deed” at KIIS FM.  “A 9 year old in Texas used $300 of his money that was supposed to be for a video game system to buy smoke detectors. Why? He saw a story of a mother and child dying in a fire when they didn’t have a smoke detector…When Walmart heard of his good deed, they decided to do something about it…  See the video / Read more


“The Disturbing Disintegration of Sears is Happening Daily on these Secret Twitter Feeds” by Brian Sozzi at Belus.  “How can this be inferred? Rather simply, just have to know where to investigate in this new digital age. There are two little followed corporate operated Twitter accounts, @SearsCares and @KmartCares, that are responding to a disturbing number (and disturbing undertone to each complaint) of customer complaints literally around the clock.”  Read more


“Shoppers line up for Dick’s Sporting Goods grand opening (Tampa)” by Sarah Hagen at 10 News.  “There’s a new game in town when it comes to shopping for sporting goods.  Dick’s Sporting Goods, the largest retailer of its kind in the country, had its grand opening at Westshore Plaza Friday morning.”  See the video / Read more


“Home Depot Fraudsters Indicted (One Still at Large)” at Atlanta Bus. Chronicle.  “After fraudulently purchasing the merchandise, Hatcher, Lynch, and Oliver removed the lower-priced UPC label, revealing the original, higher-priced UPC label. Hatcher, Lynch, and Oliver then returned the fraudulently purchased merchandise to Home Depot without a receipt, in order to obtain refund credit cards in the amount of the actual, and higher, retail price of the merchandise.”  Read more


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