Monday Tipsheet: Target: Gender Labels Out / Vogue ‘Shop Now’ Ads In | Cabela’s Sneak Peek Indy | MN Gov to B.Buy in Mex.City


Target to remove gender-based labeling in toy aisles by Kavita Kumar at Star-Tribune. “(Target) said its teams are identifying other parts of the store where they could make similar changes, but added that gender-based language still makes sense in some departments such as apparel where sizing and fit are different.” Read more


…“Why don’t you paint your store white so you offend nobody at all” one Facebook commenter wrote via Jessica Contrera at Washington Post. “Of course, getting rid of gender-based marketing is a marketing move, too. Target will surely be looking out for customers’ reactions, and so far, many of them are major eye rolls at this show of political correctness.” Read more


Google Puts Exec Behind ‘Buy Button’ in Charge of Express Delivery Service by Mark Bergen at Recode. “Google has appointed Brian Elliott…as the general manager of Google Express. It marks the third recent executive shuffle for the same-day delivery service.” Read more


Florida Sam’s Club unveils parking spots for Purple Heart vets by Ty Russell at NBC-2. “Robert Duffney is grateful for the new spaces. “We didn’t get any recognition in the 60’s and 70’s when we came home. It’s really great to be getting that now.” See the video / Read more


Ex-Target/Home Depot Exec Bob DeRodes on Garnering Respect as CIO via WSJ. “CIOs too often appear lost or inept in the eyes of CEOs, their peers, and board members, DeRodes told a group of aspiring tech leaders at Deloitte University. Gaining respect as professionals will not be easy.” Read more


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Vogue Ads Skip a Step, Linking Readers to Target by Sydney Ember at NY Times. “About a hundred Target products appear in the company’s Vogue ads, with roughly 30 available for purchase using “shop now” buttons on the Shazam-enabled online site.” Read more / See the ad


Tops Markets has business plan for slow but steady growth by David Robinson at Buffalo News. “Tops remains a top shopping destination for consumers in the Buffalo Niagara region. A little more than 62 percent of the region’s shoppers said they had visited a Tops store during the previous week. according to a survey of local shoppers last year by Scarborough Research. Almost 54 percent had shopped at Wegmans.” Read more


Sneak Peek inside Cabela’s new Indianapolis suburb store by Kyle Inskeep at CBS 4. “Currently, the only Cabela’s store in Indiana is in Hammond…The store was initially set to open in Greenwood, but the company decided to build in Noblesville citing economic reasons.” See the video / Read more


Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton Leads Trade Mission to Mexico – Plans to Visit Best Buy Store in Mexico City  See the 36 delegates / Read more


Best Buy’s Apple Watch retail launch comes up short by Patrick Seitz at Investors Business Daily. “Best Buy appears to have fallen well short of its goal. The retailer’s website shows just 43 stores in six states now selling the Apple Watch, with 29 more stores in those states and an additional 11 states listed as “coming soon.” Read more


When big chains are hacked, mom & pops cash in by Uptin Saadi at CNBC. “Fred Mendoza, manager at One Hour Photo Center & Studio in Sherman Oaks, California, said his store has seen a 15 percent sales increase following the major photo center hacks, which started last month.” Read more


Alibaba Buys 20% Of Chinese Retail Giant Suning For $4.6B by Jon Russell at Tech Crunch. “The deal gives Alibaba a 19.9 percent stake in the retailer, which is one of China’s highest-profile electronics sellers with more than 1,600 retail stores across 289 cities in China.” Read more


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