Tuesday Tipsheet: Costco Gets Heat from H.Society | Wmart Wanted by 55% in NYC | Beacons, LED & Crown Jewels


Humane Society ups PR ante in battle with Costco by Kate Gibson at CBS Money Watch. “Starting Monday, the animal welfare group will broadcast graphic footage of hens allegedly being mistreated at a Pennsylvania supplier of eggs to Costco on a 1,700 square-foot billboard in Times Square. The group shot the undercover footage as part of a campaign to pressure the retailer to only sell eggs from cage-free hen.” Read more


Wal-Mart Still Wanted by a Majority of New Yorkers, Poll Shows by Matthew Townsend at Bloomberg. “A majority of New York City residents — 55 percent — want elected officials to let Wal-Mart Stores Inc. open its first location within the five boroughs, according to a poll released Monday by Quinnipiac University.” Read more


…See the Poll Results (Even Voters in Union Households Want Walmart) Read more


AmazonFresh targets London’s competitive online grocery market for next launch by Tricia Duryee at GeekWire. “The Guardian reports today that Amazon has leased a warehouse in the London suburb of Weybridge, where supermarket store chain Tesco used to operate a distribution center.” Read more


Where is Target testing beacons? Here’s the list of Twin Cities stores by Kavita Kumar at Star-Tribune. See the list of 15


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Judge denies Kohl’s call to block chief information officer’s hiring at Hudson’s Bay by Alison Bauter at Milwaukee Business Journal. “She has the playbook, the crown jewels, our entire strategy in her hands,” said Ryan Festerling, Kohl’s senior vice president of human resources.” Read more


Web Retailers, Now With Stores, Teach New Tricks by Suzanne Kapner at WSJ. “At 29 Target Corp. stores around Denver this spring, the retailer turned its displays of patio furniture into showrooms…which helped sales of patio furniture at the 29 test stores clock a percentage gain that was double the chain-wide average, according to Eddie Baeb, a company spokesman… The retailer is now considering expanding the effort to household furniture.” Read more (Subscription)


Amazon’s Next Big Challenge: Getting You to Buy Stuff You Didn’t Know You Wanted by Jason Del Rey at Recode. “What most people don’t understand about Amazon is that it is a demand fulfillment channel, meaning that the vast majority of what is bought on Amazon is premeditated,” said a former Amazon executive who is still a close observer of the company. “People already know that they want it and they go to Amazon to buy it.” Read more


Ikea to Replace All Lighting on Shelves With LED Bulbs by Diane Cardwell at NY Times. “Beginning Sept. 1, the company said Monday, it will sell only LED bulbs, part of its overall sustainability efforts. The company had planned a major investment in compact fluorescent lights, but it redirected it to LEDs.” Read more


Macy’s plans biggest show ever for Fashion Week finale by Teresa Novellino at New York Business Journal. “It will take place on the last day of Fashion Week, Sept. 17, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden and be broadcast later on on E! Entertainment on Sept. 23. Unlike traditional fashion shows where apparel is for a completely different season and not yet available, viewers can buy the looks that Macy’s shows right away online.” Read more


Lowe’s Launches Revamped LowesForPros.com  Read the release


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