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Amazon plans imminent launch of online food delivery service in India: sources at Reuters. “…is working with local partner Catamaran, founded by IT industrialist Narayana Murthy…Amazon is aiming to launch the new service delivering from restaurants ahead of India’s month-long festive season, which starts in September, one of the sources said.” Read more


Gatik’s self driving vans have started shuttling groceries for Walmart by Kirsten Korosec at TechCrunch. “Gatik’s autonomous vehicles (with a human safety driver behind the wheel) is now delivering customer online grocery orders from Walmart’s main warehouse to its neighborhood stores in Bentonville, Arkansas. The AVs will aim to travel seven days a week on a two-mile route…” Read more


Amazon Opens Streaming TV Ad Sales to Outside Buying Tools at The Wall Street Journal. “Marketers now can purchase slots on Amazon’s Fire TV platform through advertising technology companies Dataxu Inc. or the Trade Desk Inc., in addition to working through Amazon itself, the company said in an online post.” WSJ subs.


Flyfishing and kayaking trips help L.L. Bean, Orvis sell more gear and attract more customers by Jesse Pound at CNBC. “After their first time participating in one of L.L. Bean’s outdoor discovery programs, customers spend 30% more with the apparel brand in the next year, the company said.” Read more


Real shoppers try Kroger’s 30-minute delivery at Field Agent. “Ultimately, all agents in Field Agent’s study said they were at least moderately likely to use Kroger’s Rush service again in the future. Indeed, 3 of 5 said they’d be “completely likely.” Video/Read more


**A message from EasyLock: Lock your door with a simple twist! Deadbolts aren’t getting locked – people leave home in a rush and don’t want to fumble for the key. Introducing the EasyLock keyless locking deadbolt. No key required – twist to lock. Sell sheet | Sample:


Pfizer will combine its off-patent drug business with Mylan via USA Today. Read more


More Older Couples Stay Together Because They Live Apart by Clare Ansberry at Wall Street Journal. “Dr. Brown found in a survey of 2,166 adults ages 50 to 65 that nearly one-third of those in an unmarried relationship were in a committed long-term relationship but living apart—an arrangement academics often call “living apart together” and one that Dr. Brown expects to become more prevalent.” WSJ subs.


Sports Direct shares dive after results chaos at The Guardian. “David Cumming, the chief investment officer for equities and head of UK equities at Aviva Investors, told the BBC on Monday: “Sports Direct is almost a case study in failed corporate governance.” He said Ashley “has obviously got retail talent – or had retail talent”, but the firm had “lost its way”.” Read more


Millennials feel pressure to overspend on back-to-school shopping at Fox Business. “Fifty-six percent of Millennial parents who have gone back-to-school shopping say they have felt pressured to spend more than they’re comfortable with, compared to 39 percent of older parents.” Read more


Elon Musk says Teslas will soon be able to stream Netflix and YouTube at CNBC. Read more


Amazon’s new ‘Making the Cut’ is global in fashion, commerce at AP. “Salke said the series has an international look. It was shot in Tokyo, New York and Paris, with a catwalk staged in front of the Eiffel Tower. Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are the hosts of the series coming in 2020. Amazon said the winner gets $1 million for brand investment.” Read more


Are Companies About to Have a Gen X Retention Problem? by Stephanie Neal at Harvard Business Review. “We were surprised to see that in the past five years, the majority of Gen X leaders (66%) had received only one promotion or none at all — significantly fewer than their younger millennial counterparts (52%) and more senior baby boomers (58%) who were more likely to have received two or more promotions during the same period of time.” Tiered subs.


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