Today’s Tipsheet: H.Depot’s “Fetish” for Amazon | Kroger Releases Q1 Earnings | UK Sales Up


“Home Depot’s Fetish For Amazon Is Coming At The Expense Of Shareholder Return” at Seeking Alpha.  “Home Depot’s management has begun to view the world as full of constraints, not opportunities, by spending too much time looking over its shoulder at Amazon.  Instead, and given Home Depot’s ability to execute, it should be aggressively opening new stores to the benefit of shareholders and customers alike. Put another way, management’s current focus on integrating online sales into the channel mix to fend off Amazon is not an excuse for neglecting the brick-and-mortar portfolio.”  Read more:


“Kroger Releases Q1 2013 Earnings Today at 10am ET”.  Listen to webcast:


“Growth for Walmart suppliers linked to e-commerce” by Kim Souza at The City Wire.  “Suppliers on the whole are not moving quickly enough to the e-commerce retail segment, which experts say represents the greatest potential for growth in this decade. Hertel said national brand manufacturers are finding themselves in competition with many of the retailers they supply in the era of more sophisticated private brand initiatives.”  Read more:


“Home Depot’s Aaron Flowe – President, Northern Division – Presents at Jefferies Global Conference.”  Hear the webcast & see the Powerpoint:


“Target to Heavily Promote Cause Campaign” by Natalie Zmuda at AdAge.  “As part of its back-to-college campaign, Target has partnered with Feed Projects, a nonprofit founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, to create a limited-edition collection.  The collection marks the first time Target has treated a cause-related campaign like one of its designer collaborations, with TV and print ads, as well as a digital campaign and broad-based support in store.”  Read and see more:


“Sears Canada Trims Two-Dozen Jobs at HQ” by Wally Hucker at Marketnews.  “Normally, when a company has 1,800 people working at its headquarters, as does Sears Canada, a reduction of staff by less than 1.5%, although of great importance to those laid off, would not likely attract much media attention. However, Sears Canada, which posted a $31.2 million loss in its recent Q1, had rounds of laying off hundreds of people at a time in the past year, so any ripple is being watched in case it becomes a tidal wave.”  Read more:


“Rebound in UK retail sales signals solid second quarter” at Reuters.  “The Office for National Statistics said on Thursday sales volumes grew 2.1 percent on the month, after posting the sharpest fall in a year in April. May’s rise was the biggest since February. Compared with a year earlier, sales rose 1.9 percent, again the fastest increase since February.”  Read more:


“This is what the world will look like in 2045” at CNN Money.  “”It’s not so hard to predict the future, but it’s sometimes hard to connect the dots.” In the opening of his lecture to the Global Futures 2045 Congress, famed geneticist Dr. George Church neatly summed up what being a futurist is all about, though he was reminding the audience rather than the other speakers assembled at Alice Tully Hall in New York City this past weekend.”  See the slide show:


“Walgreens to Expand Solar Energy Installations to More Than 200 Stores”  “Walgreens will build more than 200 new solar installations at Walgreens drugstores throughout California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. This latest expansion will bring the number of completed solar installations at Walgreens stores to more than 350, making the company the leading retailer in number of solar powered stores.”  Read more:


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