Today’s Tipsheet: Walmart’s Steep Online Climb | BJ’s = 200 | Amazon Loves Webvan


“Wal-Mart Faces Steep Climb to Dominate Online Retailing” by Shelly Banjo at WSJ.  “Until recently, a warehouse in Carrollton, Ga., west of Atlanta, was Wal-Mart’s only company-owned U.S. distribution center dedicated to online orders.  By contrast, Amazon has spent 15 years building its e-commerce network, with more than 40 U.S. warehouses within 35 miles of major cities.  Figuring out how to get Web orders to online shoppers “has become a critical battleground,” said Eric Best, chief executive of e-commerce technology firm Mercent Corp. “As Amazon’s bets on infrastructure pay off, it can sell products at lower costs and puts even more pressure on other retailers.”  Read more:


“The People Running Amazon’s Grocery Business Are The Ones Who Blew $800 Million Building Webvan” at Reuters via Business Insider.  “Former Amazon and Webvan officials say Amazon drew three big lessons from the Webvan debacle: expand slowly, limit delivery to areas with a high concentration of potential customers, and focus relentlessly on warehouse efficiency.  The opportunity for Amazon is huge. The grocery business in the United States generated $568 billion in retail sales last year, with online accounting for less than 1 percent, and it’s among the last major retail sectors that the online giant has yet to tackle.”  Read more:


Sam’s Club Presents at Jefferies Consumer Conference, to Open 15-20 Stores in ’14.  See the Powerpoint Presentation:


“H-E-B, Whataburger introduce ‘Whatafries'” at The Monitor.  “Whatafries were developed by the H-E-B product team in conjunction with Texas icon Whataburger as a product sold at H-E-B. The product will make its way to H-E-B snack aisles this week and will be available in all H-E-B stores by June 24.”  Read more:


“Target Introduces New App Offering Coupons Only Redeemable In Stores” at CBS LA.  “ editor Anne Marie O’Neill reviewed the app for CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Sibila Vargas. Her blog is one of the leading sites geared toward mothers…“I wouldn’t necessarily drive down here for $5.30 of savings on four items, but if I had the app on my phone, the app is free, I’m here at Target and I’m looking at these items, I’d give it a search to see if they were there and if I could get the extra discount, sure!” O’Neill conceded.”  Read and see more:


“Why Americans hate Sears” by Jason Notte at MSN Money.  “Michael Santoli, who writes for Yahoo Finance’s Unexpected Returns blog, lays out his damning case against Sears by noting that even with 2,500 Sears and Kmart outlets and $40 billion in annual sales, revenue has plunged by 13.5% in the past four years.”  Read more:


“8 Crazy, Beautiful Pictures That Show Why The Apple Store Rules Tech Retail” by Steve Kovach at Business Insider.  “It’s not just about making good stuff, it’s about the presentation.  While electronics stores like Best Buy struggle, Apple Stores are on a roll, with new locations popping up all the time. Most recently, Apple opened a gorgeous new store in Berlin to massive crowds.”  See the pictures:


“BJ’s Membership Club In Fayetteville Marks Company’s 200th Opening”  “BJ’s Membership Club celebrates its 200th club with the opening of its newest North Carolina location at 5200 Red Tip Road in Fayetteville.”  Read more:


 “Kid Inventors Win $20,000 Prize for Creating Device to Help Seniors Pick Up Small Objects”  “The winning invention, submitted by “NeXT GEN” from Oakland, Md., is an assistive device that helps seniors pick up pills or other small objects that are difficult to retrieve with a conventional claw or magnetic-type device.”  Read more:


“Consumer Packaged Goods Companies and Retailers Shift Focus to New Rules of Consumer Engagement, Says 2013 Grocery Manufacturers Association-PwC US Report”  “In 2013, more than 40 percent of CPG companies expect to sell products directly to consumers, up from 24 percent in 2012. According to the report, direct-to-consumer is a potent vehicle for testing new products and reaching out to new consumers faster and more effectively than ever before, making the retail store aisle no longer the last mile in the purchase journey.”  Read more:


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