Tuesday Tipsheet: Wmart: Duncan Out | Looters In | H.Depot = Digital ‘Genius’


Ferguson Fallout: 

…Walgreens Completely Engulfed in Flames at KMOV  Read more   Smolders from Fire

…in Oakland via SF Gate “A couple of hundred protesters lit a bonfire in the middle of Broadway as the Starbucks store on Ninth Street was trashed and looted of equipment and bags of coffee beans. Thieves then smashed into the nearby Smart & Final and ran away with booze bottles, snacks, 12-packs of beer and bags of dog food.” See the pics / Read more

…Store Robbed by Brown Looted on National TV via Breitbart.  See the video


“Wal-Mart’s Chief Merchandising Officer Out” at Reuters via WSJ. “Wal-Mart Stores chief merchandising officer, Duncan Mac Naughton, is expected to announce his departure from the world’s largest retailer just days before Black Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the matter.” Read more


“Home Depot Ranked #1 in ‘Digital IQ’ (Walmart #2)” by Krystina Gustafson at CNBC. “Only two—Home Depot and Wal-Mart—earned the “genius” title. “There’s this myth that digital levels the playing field … I don’t think that could be more incorrect,” said Scott Galloway, founder of L2. “A lot of these guys who are struggling to meet earnings just don’t have the dry powder to throw at technology.” See the Top 10 list


“FDA to Require Calorie Counts at Grocery Stores with 20+ Locations” by Tennille Tracy at WSJ. “The final labeling rules, issued by the Food and Drug Administration, apply to movie theaters, amusement parks, convenience stores and the prepared foods sold inside many grocery stores with at least 20 locations.” Read more (Subscription)


“Amazon Promotes Handyman and Installation Services” by Jason Del Ray at Recode. “The giant online marketplace has begun advertising services such as TV wall mountings and fan installations from local service providers alongside its product listings, according to search results on Amazon.com this evening.” Read more


“Wal-Mart adds Tom Horton, former CEO of American Airlines, to its board” at The City Wire. Read more


” ‘Frozen’ bests Barbie as top toy for girls” by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz at Chicago Tribune. “One in five parents plan to buy “Frozen” merchandise for girls, while Barbie is on the shopping list of 16.8 percent of parents, according to the (NRF).” Read more


42% of online shopping trips start out at Google by Clare O’Connor at Forbes. Read more


“Amazon to open huge photography studio in London” by Katrina Bishop at CNBC. “The 46,000 square foot space in Shoreditch will be the largest photography studio in Europe, according to the online retailer, and bigger than its equivalent premise in the U.S. It is due to open in the summer of 2015 and will be the focus of images of clothing – either worn by models or just plain product shots.” Read more


“Orchard Supply snags first-ever San Francisco store in urban push” by Nathan Donato-Weinstein at Silicon Valley Bus. Journal. “Lowe’s is betting that the Orchard brand — with its neighborhood-friendly street cred and smaller format — is the ticket to cracking the burgeoning market.” Read more


“Amazon will have enough space for 71,500 employees in Seattle by 2019” by Marc Stiles at Puget Sound Bus. Journal. “Those 71,500 workers would generate the need for more housing, and explains why thousands of apartments are under construction or planned downtown.” Read more


“Nordstrom taps eBay’s tech to build fitting room of the future” by Phil Wahba at Fortune. “Nordstrom is testing out full-length dressing room mirrors that double as websites as tech invades yet another sphere of shopping.” Read more


Check out the strange, “sexy” ad campaign from Coke’s new milk product at Business Insider. Read more


Walmart: Woman arrested after passing out in shopping cart for 5 hours by Josh Bergeron at Salisbury Post. “Customers said that she was headfirst in the buggy, passed out,” Colvin said.” Read more



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