Wednesday: Retail ‘Bill of Rights’ | A-lister at Target | High-tech Spoon


“San Francisco passes first-ever retail worker ‘bill of rights'” by Claire Zillman at Fortune. “The ordinances will require businesses to post workers’ schedules at least two weeks in advance. Workers will receive compensation for last-minute schedule changes, “on-call” hours, and instances in which they’re sent home before completing their assigned shifts.” Read more


….Applies to Retailers with 20+ Locations that Employ 20+ in San Fran at Politico.  Read more


“How an innovative NYC boutique wooed Target’s CEO” by Leigh Gallagher at Fortune. “For Target’s partnership, events will include an evening discussion with Nate Berkus and make-up lessons from Sonia Kashuk and weekend events, such as a free lunch from a locally-sourced food truck that supports Drive Change, a nonprofit focused on incarcerated youth. (All recipes will involve maple syrup from Archer Farms, available…only at Target.)” Read more


“Lowe’s Brings Holoroom to Canada” by Raju Mudhar at The Star. “I think it’s really important to lay out that this is not the final version of where we are going with this. I wouldn’t even call this version 1.0 it’s .5 of where we want to take this. Even the Holodeck had a first step and everything has to start somewhere,” says Kyle Nel, executive director of Lowe’s Innovation Labs.” Read more


Consumer Reports Reveals 2014 Naughty & Nice List “Nice = Sam’s, CVS & Whole Foods” See the full list


***A message from Lock-it Block-it – 79% don’t feel safe in their own home. Lock-it Block-it is an adjustable window security bar that keeps open & closed windows & doors secured. The patented security bar replaces clumsy wooden sticks and helps homeowners better-secure their homes. Easy to install & easy to use. See the sell sheet / See the video / /


“Costco targets mid-2015 opening of Wichita store” by Josh Heck at Wichita Bus. Journal. “(Todd) Thull says Costco is targeting a mid-2015 opening for a 150,000-square-foot store that will be located near the northeast corner of Kellogg and Webb Road. A fuel station also will be included.” Read more


Greenville: Man Has Been Waiting in Line Since Monday for $199 TV (and is still the only one in line) by Anna Lee at Greenville Online. “Coming from Long Island, where people sometimes line up weeks in advance for Black Friday shopping, McCauley said he wasn’t sure what to expect in Greenville but figured it would be better safe than sorry.” Read more / See the video


“Home Depot faces at least 44 lawsuits in the United States and Canada” via ABC News. “The security project has been completed in U.S. stores, and Home Depot expects to do the same for its Canadian locations early next year.” Read more


Melissa McCarthy loads up at discount store Target on shopping trip with daughters” at Daily Mail. “She is an A-list comedienne with a reported net worth of $20 million. But it seems like Melissa McCarthy can’t resist a good bargain. The 44-year-old actress was spotted leaving the Target department store in Burbank, California, with her two daughters on Saturday.” Read more / See the pics


“Google offers high-tech spoon that stays steady in shaky hands” by Tracey Lien at LA Times. “It then uses “active cancellation” (used in noise-canceling headphones), in which tiny motors in the handle move the spoon opposite to the tremor to help keep the spoon steady. In clinical trials, the spoons reduced shaking by an average of 76%.” Read more / See the video


“Calgary area mom finds bullet in Brussels sprouts from Costco” by Phil Heidenreich at Global News. “Despite the shocking discovery, Moore is able to find humor in the situation. Asked if she would buy frozen Brussels sprouts again, she laughed and said “I think I will go with fresh ones.” Read more



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