Wednesday Tipsheet: Dads Dis Discounts | A&P: 137 Stores for Sale | R.Hard & $7,000 Couches


Survey: Dads spend more than moms shopping by Robert Channick at Chicago Tribune. “A third of dads say they try to buy products on sale, versus 52 percent of moms…”Discounts are such a point of pride for mom,” Bruno said. “For dad, it’s the opposite — deals are an insult to his vanity a little bit.” Not surprisingly, dads spent an average of $250 more on back-to-school shopping than moms last year, the report said.” Read more


Report: Wal-Mart Has $76 Billion in Overseas Tax Havens by Jesse Drucker & Renee Dudley at Bloomberg. “The study, researched by the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union and published Wednesday in a report by Americans for Tax Fairness, found 90 percent of Wal-Mart’s overseas assets are owned by subsidiaries in Luxembourg and the Netherlands, two of the most popular corporate tax havens.” Read more


Restoration Hardware is betting people still want to buy $7,000 couches by Sarah Halzack at Washington Post via Star-Tribune. “Now the company believes it can reach an even wider audience — and capture even more of shoppers’ dollars — by launching a new “mirror image brand” that has the same price point but a different vibe. And it aims to do it by sticking with a strategy that largely focuses on brick-and-mortar stores, unusual in an era when many retailers are obsessed with boosting their digital ­presences.” Read more


Dollar Tree-Family Dollar merger inches toward to July closing by Jennifer Thomas at Charlotte Business Journal. “Dollar Tree is one step closer to acquiring Family Dollar according to a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Tuesday. The filing states that both parties have “signed an agreement containing consent orders proposed by the staff of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.” Read more


Your neighbor may deliver your next Amazon package by Emily Parkhurst at Puget Sound Business Journal. “Amazon’s move into this kind of delivery would have enormous impacts on a variety of industries, but particularly on the shipping industry and UPS.” Read more


***A Message from CLUG: The World’s Smallest Bike Rack is Now Available. The CLUG Bike Clip is targeted at the casual enthusiast and the urban cyclist who are short on storage space for their bikes.  CLUG is a patent pending, high quality product that made the list of 2014 Best Stuff by GQ Magazine in their December 2014 issue.  See the video.  See the sell sheet. Retailers: Contact to request a product sample.


A&P shopping more than half of its 301 stores by Lisa Fickenscher at NY Post. “The money-losing supermarket operator — whose brands include Food Emporium, Pathmark and Waldbaums in addition to its flagship A&P stores — is shopping 137 of its 301-store portfolio, The Post has learned.” Read more


Western Firms Caught Off Guard as Chinese Shoppers Flock to Web at WSJ. “After enjoying nearly three decades of steady growth in its China business, Unilever PLC last year watched sales fall off a cliff. The maker of Dove soap, Lux shampoo and Comfort fabric softener warned in October of a 20% drop in its third-quarter China sales. The next quarter, the company announced another 20% fall.” Read more (Subscription)


Petco Expands One-Hour Delivery “Petco today announced the launch of Petco Now, the first on-demand delivery service in the pet specialty retail category.” Read the release


Wal-Mart’s request moves toothbrush production to Michigan from China by Shandra Martinez at M Live. “Ranir, the largest maker of store brand toothbrushes and oral care products, is shifting production in China to its Michigan headquarters at the request of the retail giant…Making the switch required Ranir to invest $3 million to add 7,500 square feet of new high-tech equipment. It is also hiring 19 employees, a stat that Wal-Mart is tracking.” Read more


Etsy launches crowdfunding pilot program by Heesun Wee at CNBC. Read more


Gap Details Product and Customer Experience Strategies to Build for the Future Read the release



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