Wednesday Tipsheet: Target: Embrace Change/”On-Demand Shopping” | Costco CEO Fires Back | Wmart Investor Rel. Exec Out


Target execs ask suppliers to embrace changes in stores and online by Kavita Kumar at Star Tribune. “That anxiety is being especially felt among packaged-food companies as Target looks to add more natural and organic products to its shelves. “There’s a simple truth: This wellness movement is incredibly important to our guest,” Cornell said. “It’s a really big space. … It’s growing faster than just about anything else.” Read more


…Jeff Jones Says “On-Demand” Grocery Delivery Service Coming Soon  See Link Above


Costco CEO Fires Back Amid Caged Egg Billboard by Jade Scipioni at Fox Business. “Costco’s CEO Craig Jelinek tells that they are being unfairly targeted. “This has been going on for about two to three months. We probably are the largest seller of cage-free eggs in the United States. The society would like us to give them a timeline as to when we will be all cage-free and we are not prepared to do that.” he said via e-mail.” Read more


Hackers made $100 Mil on Wall Street by stealing corporate press releases from Home Depot and others before they were released at Daily Mail. “In 2013, for example, the hackers got an early peek at a press release from Panera Bread Company announcing that it was lowering its earnings projections.  The hacking ring bet correctly the stock would fall when the news came out, and turned a profit of about $1million the very next day, according to the indictment.” Read more/See pics of the arrest


…NY Times: How Hackers Made $1 Million by Stealing One News Release by Ashwin Seshagiri. “On Oct. 8, Mr. Dubovoy received an empty email from a relative who split his time between Georgia and Ukraine. Attached to the email was a so-called wish list — a picture of a spreadsheet that contained the information about 18 publicly traded companies and the schedule for their earnings releases. Panera was on the list.” Read more


Kroger takes online ordering to next level at Cincinnati Business Courier. “Kroger is taking its system to order groceries online and pick them up in stores outside its hometown for the first time with a store in Carmel, Ind. While the service is only being offered in one Central Indiana store for now, Kroger officials said they will expand it to other stores in the Indianapolis metropolitan region but declined to say which stores will be added and what the timeline for expansion might be.” Read more


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Investor Relations exec Carol Schumacher to exit Wal-Mart at The City Wire. “She has accepted another job and will be relocating to the Southeast…“As we conduct a search for a permanent replacement, Pauline Mohler has agreed to fill in and lead the Investor Relations team in the interim,” Wal-Mart notes in the memo.” Read more


Amazon quietly shutters product ads that drove traffic to outside sites via Venture Beat. ” Inc quietly shuttered a pay-per-click advertising program that allowed businesses to divert traffic from the retailer’s platform to their own websites on Tuesday, saying it would permanently discontinue the program in October.” Read more


Looking for a house? Values better near Trader Joe’s than Whole Foods by Mike Sunnucks at Phoenix Business Journal. “Nationwide, homes near Trader Joe’s are valued at $592,339 and buyers have averaged a 40.1 percent price appreciation. Residences near Whole Foods average $561,840 in value and have seen a 33.5 percent again.” Read more


Rite Aid Stores to Begin Accepting Mobile Payments August 15 “All of the Company’s nearly 4,600 stores nationwide will begin accepting mobile payments, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet, starting Saturday, August 15. The Company will also accept Google’s forthcoming Android Pay.” Read the release


Walmart tornado: Shocking pictures show aftermath of twister that tore through AL store via Kirstie McCrum at Mirror.  See the pics / Read more


Tractor Supply to In-Source Technical Jobs, Fill 100 Jobs at HQ by Lizzy Alfs at The Tennessean. Read more


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